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How to Complain to Microsoft.

Where's Customer Services?

10:29 am on Jan 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I'm on the UK version of the site trying to find customer services or somewhere where I can make an official complaint.

There is nothing I can find. It's like Microsoft do not want to show this information (or have it hidden away somewhere) with intention of limiting the number of complaints they have.

Does anyone know if a page exists explaining what the complaints procedure is?

I had filled in a customer feedback form outlining the complaint and asking for the proper channel to address but I just got back a reply saying 'It's your ISP or PC supplier fault' and no contact information of which I specifically asked!


The complaint is about Windows Media Center. I had a new PC with this installed and was browsing the Online Spotlight section with my 8yo son.

On the showcase section there was an icon of Jack Black / Tenacious D who I and my son both like. This was provided by the sportal com site (sports, video clips site)

My son clicked the icon which played the Tenacious D track. Without any warning before clicking, or as an intro to the video this played a pr0no cartoon littered with the F*** word.

I find that totally unacceptable because there was no warning at any stage *before* the video was played. There is a warning in a side box *whilst* the video is playing but by then the damage had been done.

I wish to make two complaints as I think both Microsoft and Sportal are at fault here.

1. Microsoft do not display anywhere on Media Center that content viewable by their Online Spotlight can contain adult material. I had assumed Media Center was a family entertainment version of XP but clearly this is not the case.

2. Sportal com website displays the same videos but there are plenty of warnings on the site that the videos can contain adult material.

That is fine, as if I was browsing the site in IE I would have seen the warnings and directed my son to something like Disney instead.

But the sportal content on Media Center displays no similar warnings - neither before clicking or in this Tenacious D clip as an intro:

Some of the warnings are on the intro to the video clip:

"Warning. This video contains scenes of an adult nature and strong language"

But specifically with the Tenacious D video this does not happen and you are instantly shown a cartoon showing the Devil violently making love to a scantily clad girl whilst Jack Black says expletives.

I'm no prude but I am a proud parent trying to bring my son up right. He's at the age where he's picking up strong words from the school playground. I try and teach him what is unacceptable to repeat and yet with three clicks, and without warning, he hears a film 'funny guy' swearing and watches grotesque (for an 8yo) images of the devil.

I want to take this further. I am dealing with Sportal. I just want Microsoft to know how angry I was over this and would like to make sure it doesn't happen to other parents.

Who do I complain to?

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11:18 am on Jan 15, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Who do I complain to?

The $64,000 question to a billion dollar corporation. I went to Bill Gates home page, and followed the contact link from there. I found an 800 number that might be useful, were you in the US. There is an address for the corporate headquarters. And there are many links, none of which appeared to be appropriate. Finding the right person won't be easy, perhaps MSNDude can help. As a parent, you have my support.

This is exactly the sort of thing that could get a person into this [webmasterworld.com] situation.