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After much searching, need typo3 / general CMS help

TYPO3 is giving me fits, willing to try something else



11:02 pm on Oct 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hi Everyone,

I have a project that needs a CMS because the site owner wants to be able to add/move/edit content herself. Typo3 was recommended to her, and the install (4.0.2) went fine, but the templates are another matter.

I couldn't get the main template system to work, so I tried TemplaVoila which yielded progress, BUT I get java script errors when I click on TV related icons like DS, TD etc that should give a drop down menu with templavoila options. Since I can't get to those functions, I can't proceed.

So first of all, if anybody has experienced this error and knows a fix, please PM me. Second, if you are a typo3 expert who isn't too expensive who knows how to get in there and fix it, PM me.

Finally, the brand of CMS doesn't matter. What matters is the following:

Non-tech person to be able to add/organize/edit content on a monthly basis

WSYWG editor with ability to insert multiple photos in any position desired (right now, I see typo3 as very limited in photo placement)

Full control over html, head tags, CSS and templates by me

Simple template execution (templavoila isn't too bad, but what would be great is for me to design my template, drop "code_insert" objects into it, and the CMS drops the code where specified)

Ability to restrict content to logged in users, where if you're not logged in you only see the first page of an article

Multi-page articles automatically set up with "click for next page" links.

Ability to send e-mail blasts to the entire subscriber database

Ability to send e-mail blasts to externally imported txt lists

Thanks in advance,


1:28 am on Oct 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

It seems to me that typo3 could do all these things. You should ask typo3 related questions on one of the typo3 mailinglists; in my experience you get a usefull reply there very quick most of the time. There also is a special mailinglist for installation problems.


10:30 pm on Oct 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member jtara is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member

Sounds like a browser compatability issue. I had no trouble with this with Firefox 1.5.

What I DID have trouble with is making it all the way through the TemplaVoila tutorial. ("Futuristic...")

The problem is not so much translation as missing steps. You are constantly left staring at the screen and wondering why what you see isn't what is described in the documentation.

That's because they have left out one or two intermediate steps that you are somehow expected to know.

Really, I think you need to go through just about all the rest of the documentation - including learning the older templating system that you don't intend to use - in order to understand the TemplaVoila documentation.

This might just be your problem - and NOT the Javascript problem you think you are having! You may not be seeing the buttons because you just didn't navigate to the right screen, because the documentation never actually took you there!

I ultimately decided to go with Drupal...


11:42 pm on Oct 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

I think you need to go through just about all the rest of the documentation - including learning the older templating system that you don't intend to use - in order to understand the TemplaVoila documentation.

I've had no problems understanding the futuristic template building tutorial. The introduction chapter of the tutorial clearly states: "The document is recommended for developers on beginner level. However, before doing this tutorial you should have gone through “Getting Started” and “Modern Template Building, Part 1” in order to equip yourself with basic TYPO3 knowledge."


7:34 pm on Oct 25, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


If it's a first site, there are some excellent templates that you can use, that include all the files as well as the typoscript so you can copy and paste it into your template setup and be up and running straight off. Send me a pm if you'd like a link to a template I recommend for first-time users.


<edit>Just wanted to add, if you're prepared for a steepish learning curve the flexibility and functionality you'll get back will amaze you. I've used many CMS's over the past few years, various nukes, drupal, ezpublish etc and I'm constantly amazed at the level of functionality in typo3, every few weeks, one of our editors or myself discover a cool new feature.


9:37 pm on Oct 30, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Thanks for the replies, everybody. I didn't get any email notifications, so I thought it was going unanswered. Little did I know. :)

My TV problem was the version -- I didn't have my remote login set up for the download area, so T3 was just installing an alpha version of TV that was bundled in with my install. Once I got the download settings straight and installed the new TV, I'm not getting any more errors.

Dave, I will PM you for those templates. I agree that the learning curve is steep, but I've always been good at learning new things quickly, and the high level of functionality is something I like.



10:09 pm on Nov 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

well, I too have typo3 installed and face the template hurdles.
As far as posting in typo3 forums is concerned - you either speak fluent german or you are out of luck. There is one single board for english - and NOBODY there ever answers anything that is a bit more intricate, requiring more than the usual "good luck with searching" answer - which is mostly what I got over the last 4 weeks -
so, now I am ready to give it up with typo3.
I wanted to pay someone to create a simple template for me with the very basic configuration [header, menu, colums, content and footer].
I have all the images prepared - but there was not a single one that actually took the time to do the job.
Oh - yes, they all answered immediatly within a few hours, but once they found out it wasn't a 3 thousand dollar job to begin with - they just disappeared.

And - yes, I do speak fluent german also - but short of forking over 3 to 400 dollars an hour for the basic help for a basic setup - well, I am out of luck.

And, it is NOT true that the install works properly if you use one of the pre sites [test site, quicksite] etc. because they all are NOT for version 4.0x - but for the old version 3.8x -
that means - if you are just starting with typo3, it then requires an "upgrade" which is even more complicated than a clean install all over again.
I tried them all.
Yes, I would like to use typo3 too - but, can not get past the hurdles that are presented to EVERY newbee in typo3.

Everything sounds so good in forums and reading - but in practice - its a whole new ballgame.


10:17 pm on Nov 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I kind of know what you're going through. It would be nice if there was an English based forum where people actually posted and actually helped.

I found good help from the main mailing list, though, so try that via the typo3 website.

Also, I recommend TemplaVoila over the base template system (which sucks, IMO) -- You need to get a login & pass to the file area and put that into the file admin setup, AND turn off the "only show verified modules" which will give you all modules, including the latest TV. TV is a LOT more user friendly than the base template system.

I hope it works out for you. I would offer my services (at a mere $50 / hour) if I were up to speed with typo3, but I'm only actually a couple steps ahead of where you are right now.



10:29 pm on Nov 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Thanks Cameron,

yep, I know I have no choice but to stick it out with typo3 [tried ca 34 cms/installation and all] and needed to settle on typo3 for what I will need in the future.
I do know one thing though: once a functional template is there with at least the basics - it will get easier and easier over time.

I am under time pressure to have a 'front' showing, at least a skeleton of - but also not the time allowance to quickly install some crappy cms for now, and then have to port -

hey - maybe we can find a few more 'ambitious' english typo3 users, that would actually check in to an english forum once a day [not once every 5 months] - lol.
I sure would be up to running such a forum.
Am even thinking of possibly finding a 'english speaking' themer, that can create up-to-date some better looking templates with basic ts already in it. That would get a english forum going in a hurry - I think, since that is precisely the stumbling block for every starter of typo3.


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