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WebmasterWorld Weekly Roundup April 18

8:54 pm on Apr 18, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I've mentioned e-mail spam previously, and I guess I have more of a fixation about it than many. Most of the time, I don't take notice if it's blocked. Occasionally, I take a look for fun and learning.

But, from where are they getting all these e-mail addresses? Obvious sources include compromised systems, hacks, emails on websites, other spammers, domain name whois, guessed addresses, such as admin@, etc. We all know e-mail spammers will harvest e-mails addresses from just about anywhere they can get them.

The most recent harvesting i've noticed is picking up email addresses which are incoming only, and probably saved at only three places: 1, on my local machine, 2, at the service, 3, at my host. Unless, of course, the spammers are intercepting e-mails, I discounted that because some of the addresses have never sent or received emails.

Was my local machine compromised? Unlikely, as I have a pretty reasonable system in place to avoid being compromised. Additionally, some of the e-mail addresses don't even appear on my machine.

The service used for a specific e-mail address could have been hacked, and much of the time we will probably never know.

It's only when a higher profile address is hacked do we find out. Here's one of the higher profile services that admitted it was hacked. As it happens, I did get email spam from this hack. Dropbox Updates Security And Adds New Features Following Stolen User Details.

One of the other high profile services, which shall remain nameless, is the only other location for some of the e-mails.

The ISP/Webhost is probably the only other place I can think of, and has a connection between two. It makes me wonder if the harvesters have somehow broken into its database and harvesting addresses without the host even knowing.

All of these things are possible, and more, of course.

Either way, the e-mail spammer will continue to ply their trade while people will still buy from them. As to why people still buy, I have no idea. I imagine these buyers sitting in their trailers with a fixed stare at their screens, scrolling through tens of thousands of spam e-mails waiting for the next big stock offer to come through, or the placebo blue pill offer, or their next bride to be.

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