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Google virtual server for multiple website hosting?

7:56 am on Aug 30, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I'm very confused by this... I went here:


I have 100 accounts to host, a few need Wordpress but most are mine and are hand-rolled. So I assume I need "Compute Engine"? But I click on it, and it just takes me to the Console that has a million things on it... and not one of them make sense.

Then I found this, presented as a "price list":


Great, but there are 850 million listings, and not one of them make sense. What the heck is a "Preemptible price"?

I finally found this "calculator":


Even THIS makes no sense. First line, "Number of instances". Umm, what? Click on the ? and it says:

The quantity of this type of virtual machine instance you need in your environment.

Well shoot, now I know even less than I did before!

So I take some very wild guesses:

Number of instances: 1, cause I only need one server? It defaults to 400
Operating System: Free, CentOS
Machine class: Regular, cause I have no clue what "preemptible" means in this context
Machine family: General, I guess?
Machine generation: First, cause I have no clue what this means and there's no help for this line
Machine type: n1-standard-2 (vCPUs 2, RAM 7.5G), but I have no clue what size CPUs
Add GPUs: 0, I guess, because I have no clue what "add GPU dies" means
Local SSD: 1x375G, because the default of 0 seems implausible
Committed usage: None, because I THINK this means "do you want to pay 1 or 3 years upfront?"
Average hours per day each server is running: 24 / 7, obviously

That comes to $78.55 /month, which is good for a virtual server... if that's what this is even for? But it gives no option to set up anything like WHM / cPanel or anything, so I guess I'm on my own with that one.

So the questions I have for you guys and gals are:

1. Is this even what I should be looking at to set up a virtual server for multiple website hosting?

2. With such incredibly poor documentation, should I even be considering this? I have to assume that tech support is going to be non-existent.

3. Assuming that my guesses above are all right, then if you've used it then how would you rank it? Is it better than other server providers you've used?

I'm currently comparing this to a dedicated server (not virtual) with 2x AMD 2358, 8-core 2.4GHZ, 8G of RAM, and 250G of HDD storage (not SSD) for just under $100 /month. So roughly $20 more for what I think is less storage with slower read/writes, but potentially faster CPU since I have no clue how the virtual compares. Support with this comp is exceptional, but it's a small company so it's not really 24/7... after hours sends a page to a tech who will call you back, but I haven't experienced it yet so I can't say how long it would take or anything.
1:26 am on Aug 31, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Update: their sales team replied at 4pm EST today, so about 12 hours after I originally messaged. But they didn't answer any of my questions, and only gave a link to:


I'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with a virtual server and is JUST storage, so I would consider that a pretty poor response.

Also notable that I tried to leave feedback on their documentation, and even THAT made no sense! I gave it 1 star, typed up an explanation, and instead of posting what I said it took me to a list of other comments with similar keywords. So I guess they don't even see the negative feedback from users?

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