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Trojan in multiple websites or in Vivaldi browser?

mookie1 trojan vivaldi

1:29 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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I'm seeking help with TROJAN virus or whatever it could be. Recently I started getting the following Malwarebytes warning pop up about "mookie1" at different websites. The first website got warning yesterday and I thought it was the website that is infected, but after I got another yesterday on a different website and today yet another one at yet another website, but not every time and only at a selected websites, I wonder what is happening? The IP address seems to be different each time, but the URL with mookie1 in it is the same. Has anyone an idea what it is? Is it possible that my own VIVALDI browser just got infected? I recently got a Malwarebytes trial for 2 weeks. Please take a look at the link below a screenshot JPG image.

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1:58 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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It sounds like a browser add-on.

Run an analyze with your Malwarebytes, it will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.
2:33 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Sorry what should I run with Malwarebytes and how? I am an average PC user. Thank you. I see mookie1 but where does it reside? Does it attack my PC from all those websites or does it reside in Vivaldi browser in my PC and attack those websites? I have no idea. All those PCs and softwares are made to confuse average Joe and make us professors of PC science instead of doing our work. Please advise in more detail as addressed to an average user, not advanced programmer. Sorry and thanks.
3:28 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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With all due respect, when you installed Malwarebytes on your computer you are expected to read enough from the site where you got it to know what it is for and how to use it. This forum is not a help desk for Malwarebytes or any other product. I bet if you visit the site where you got the software you might find instructions on how to use it. This is part of using a computer. Learning to use it is a process that you are expected to be active in. The same way you are expected to learn about things to be aware of online because the internet does not come with an instruction booklet.

The most common expectation of any product like that is that it offers you a way to remove malware from your system, it can't do anything about sites with malware except to warn you about them. When you see a warning it is up to you to decide what to do.

Step 1 would be to do a search on mookie1 which you will find is an advertising tracking cookie, not exactly a threatening trojan but it can be related to pop-up ads on websites. My bet is that if you tell Malwarebytes to analyze your system, it will find a number of various tracking cookies to warn you about. It will probably offer you options such as removing their cookies or blocking sites that use their cookies. Most cookies are harmless. Some cookies store your preferences on sites you use so they may be beneficial to you. Some are not but it is up to you to tell Malwarebytes what you want it to do.

I don't use the Vivaldi browser but I'll bet it has some way for you to view and remove any cookies you don't want. Or you can ask the MB program to find them for you. It will probably ask what you want to do. That's up to you.

4:01 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Thank you.
8:28 pm on Oct 13, 2018 (gmt 0)

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All anti-virus products require they be kept up-to-date and that scans are run on a regular basis. Most will allow you to set an option to immediately quarantine (remove) any threats found. Most will also maintain a log of what has been done to your system.

Good luck!
2:21 am on Oct 15, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Post your malwarebytes question to the usenet newsgroup alt.comp.anti-virus. Make sure you mention malwarebytes in the subject line.

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