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Tool to spider a site and show slow loading pages?

4:59 am on Aug 22, 2013 (gmt 0)

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I know the forum rules prohibit mentioning specific tools. However I'm just asking IF there is a tool to spider a site and

show the load times for each page, not the name. I did a lot of searching and came up empty. I don't want to continue to look for something that might not be there.

I have about a dozen adsense sites that I've let go fallow over the last two years. I noticed that my revenue is about 1/5

of what it was two years ago. I started monitoring all of my sites in an online site monitor that reports load times.

I had begun to migrate the sites from Frontpage to Joomla. I began to notice that it was the crummy old, outdated

frontpage sites that were giving me any revenue. I also noticed that when I replaced a site that was in frontpage with a joomla version, page views dropped off. I had attributed that to perhaps not doing a good job with 301 redirects from the old site. I believe now that wasn't the problem.

When I put all the sites in the site monitor, I noticed that the frontpage sites were loading on an average of 200 - 350

ms while the joomla sites were loading about 700 - 5000 ms. Getting smacked upside the head with the cluebat hurts.

The site monitor only monitors the page you specify. Loading all the urls for a site would be tedious at best. As far as I

can tell, GOogle webmaster tools only shows an average page load time.

My plan of attack is

1. Don't be a dummy again
2. Go through all the Joomla best practices such as browser caching, server side compression etc.
3. Identify any slow loading pages and fix them (Probably because of too many/ too large pics)

IN order to do #3, I need a spider or joomla tool that will go through a site and report the page load times for each page.

I'd appreciate any direction as to IF there is a tool to do this.

5:05 am on Aug 22, 2013 (gmt 0)

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OK - I found that analytics provides the page times... under site speed page timings.

I suppose the lessons here are

1. Don't let your sites deteriorate.
7:23 am on Aug 22, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Depending on your traffic levels, you may also wish to adjust the sample rate. Add this line to your tracking code:

_gaq.push(['_setSiteSpeedSampleRate', 50]);

Where 50 = 50% = one in two visitors (or whatever is appropriate).

More details here [developers.google.com...]