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Why is Blogger and Godaddy.com Website Builder so STUPID?

Most awful platforms ever.

2:27 pm on May 9, 2013 (gmt 0)

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The Godaddy.com Website Builder routinely -- CONSTANTLY -- turns all of my text GRAY for no f'ing reason.

It's endless. If I so much as click on something wrong it will turn everything GRAY. I have to carefully go through and change the text color back, and even THAT doesn't always work.

And when you try to use goddaddy ads THERE IS NO WAY TO CENTER THEM! They always appear on the left hand side! So I took them off! Nice work, morons!

Blogger is also awful.

Implementing it with Adsense is a joke, but that's partly because I have a different Blogger account and a different Adsense Google account. It won't let me combine them or anything. Real intuitive.

The blogger HTML editor is also pure garbage. Half the time when I edit the HTML but then go click on the visual compositor, the code gets changed or altered! The HTML editor also has no real buttons or features so you can things like "center" or other basic elements quickly instead of manually doing it.

I also notice formatting will get completely screwed up over time and it just piles up on itself and you have to remove all formatting and start over.

Oh my god, they're just both awful.

So many instances where I'm like, "What the #*$! is this? Why doesn't it do this? Why doesn't this make any sense?"
2:35 pm on May 9, 2013 (gmt 0)

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As none of these are WebmasterWorld products..what do you expect anyone here to do about it..

The essence of "point and click" site builders of all sorts..is that you have to make sure you are pointing at the right things.. before you click..

Reading the help files before beginning..usually helps avoid errors..

I have hundreds of domains registered with Godaddy..but would never host there ..or use anything that they made as a builder..

Learn to code sites without them..read the threads here which already exist ( search "how to....( fill in here what you are looking for ).....webmasterworld"..) on your favourite search engine..to find out how..