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Information (and Bing) wants to be free

Choices in life are important

5:34 pm on Jan 10, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Listen up Microsoft. Ask yourself a question: When was the last time you did a search for needed information and looked forward to finding a good answer from websites found in the paid ads? Yes, me neither. Now just one more question: What percentage of total searches are conducted on Bing and why should MSFT think things will improve anytime soon? Yes, keep doing the same things and you will keep getting the same results. People will not switch to Bing until or unless it does something that actually differentiates it from Google.

Microsoft: reality is calling. If you have not noticed, Google is eating your lunch and using their incredible cash flow from paid ads to fund alternatives to your core revenue streams. Take a few minutes to read the many comments in the various WebMasterWorld forums and see it is extremely rare to find complimentary comments about the actions taken by Google over the past couple of years in their attempts to constantly increase ad revenues and chase growing stock valuations. All have experienced several years of often conflicting changes to the “Google Dance”. An effective and widely used search alternative would be greatly appreciated by all.

Microsoft: more reality, your Bing business model is not working. Bing has for a number of years tried with minimal success to increase its percentage share of users and advertisers. Bing has done this in spite of u sage ease, comparable results, and massive advertising efforts. Bing has also had minimal success in increasing its percentage of advertising in spite of reduced per click costs because of ROI analysis and inertia from large advertisers. Unless there is a chance in business strategy Google will continue to dominate the search market, generate massive advertising revenues, and continue to attempt to monetize all information.

Microsoft: it is incredibly important to keep information free of total monetization and control by a single company. Here is an easy to implement solution that will encourage real competition in the search market and give Bing an advantage to once again be a significant widely used search engine.

Microsoft: you should stop serving up adsfor Bing. “Information free of commercials” would be the public branding focus and attraction for switching users. A new Bing would be free of commercials, paid ads, banner ads, affiliate links, directory links, or any other intermediary spam fluff. Most searchers are frustrated with the low search quality results of PPC so convert them to Bing users. You could also do a classic A/B test and create a supplementary additional search engine portal (freebing.com) that does not serve up paid placement. Your costs will be virtually the same and your visitors will choose which type of portal they prefer.

Microsoft: your search percentage is less than 20% of users after all of these years; you do not have a business need to generate advertising dollars and in fact have never made a profit in online services; and along with greatly increased user volume would gain significant public relations benefit from being known as the “ad free” search engine and championing spam free information for the internet. Conversion to an ad free format would earn Bing an incredible viral benefit from potential users to switch services. Who does not like real choices in their lives?

Microsoft: Please give us a choice and stop trying to be just a Google look alike. Create many more Bing users and give searchers what they really want by providing them quality results with minimal effort. You have almost nothing to lose and much to gain. Thank you for listening to a lifelong lover of information and personal choice.
10:50 pm on Jan 11, 2013 (gmt 0)

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search market

Maybe their goal is not that but simply data analysis, aka, what is on the web..
11:54 pm on Jan 11, 2013 (gmt 0)

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If "data analysis" is their goal then why not try to get more than 20% of the search market. The larger the sample size the better the analysis.

An "all organic" search portal would give them a much better sample than one filled with paid results.