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"Project Natal" - web, TV, and games from Xbox Entertainment

can you adapt and take an advantage of it?

5:10 pm on Jun 3, 2009 (gmt 0)

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MS press release for Natal [microsoft.com]

...Microsoft Corp. opened the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with a historic Xbox 360 briefing that rocked, tweeted, revved and awakened the world to a new era of fun and entertainment. In addition to premiering 10 exclusive new games, revolutionizing the way we watch TV, and making it easier than ever to connect to friends, Xbox also welcomed visionary filmmaker Steven Spielberg to introduce “Project Natal” and controller-free gaming.

This might of went under the radar for some webmasters, since "Project Natal" announcement boasts about "fun with controller-free entertainment, Facebook for your TV, plus instant on 1080p HD streaming video." However, if we define "webmaster" not in narrow terms of webpages, but rather in terms of web medium, we ought to pay attention...especially if you are in e-commerce. Certainly Xbox is not only game controller to connect to internet, but I think that they just raised a stake for everyone in terms of interactions with real and virtual worlds...And I am not talking about just putting up "ad billboard" inside the game...Here are two videos (youtube) which showcase technology. My mind was racing with ideas, and yes the obvious one is when a girl picks a dress for her friend.

Is this a stepping stone to new way to web, or just another hype?

[youtube.com ]

[youtube.com ]

For more technically curious, core of this movement detection technology is clever engineering and integration of camera and infrared sensor to determine "depth". more at:

9:48 am on June 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Is this a stepping stone to new way to web, or just another hype?

It's just hype
- if kitty cat walks in front of you when you go to kick the winning goal, kitty goes flying (unless you don't kick, but then you lose).
- if the always on laser doesn't cause brain tumors it will be used to spy on your family members.
- because it's a major step backwards in real life, i mean, if granny can do spins and jumps to make the skateboard rock on TV she should be on the board outside.
- because people would lose weight from actually moving in front of the tv and use the extra energy to run to the corner store for sweets.
- because people don't want to move in front of their TVs?

All kidding aside it's a nice looking project but real life experience suggests it requires too much effort to use. Pass the cheetos.

edit: think about it. would you rather spend an hour making only minimal thumb movements or having to do full body jumping up and down to see the same thing? Pass the remote too.

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5:05 pm on June 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

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It looks like they're one step closer to holodecks... At the very least it's another form of human-computer interactivity, think of a touch-less touchscreen. It'll sure be useful for those people who have trouble translating their thoughts into button pushes / mouse movements.

The trying on clothing aspect would definitely be useful for online sales, but you'll still need a "touch and feel" addition for other stuff like test-driving a car for ergonomics.

Anyhow, is it me or is family-oriented computer gaming overtaking x-rated activities in terms of driving new technologies? :D