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Where can an online marketer find a good job?

6:13 pm on May 31, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Ive been making a living at online marketing now through affiliate programs and a few of my own products for about 4 years.

It started out very exciting and a lot of fun. But... I am loosing interest in my work.

I think this is mainly because I don't get to interact with people in person. Its a lonely job.

Im tired of working in my pj's. I want to know what its like to show up for work in a nice suit

What could someone with my skills do in the real world and how much could I make doing it?

My skills include... Writing sales copy, PPC advertising...a little web design etc. I can do just about anything any other affiliate marketer can do plus write good sales copy.

I have been very successful at what I do and can show a proven track record with my business.

Think its possible to get a high paying position where I can come in when I want, just go to metings, motivate people, share ideas with them and make big bucks?

Any ideas?

10:27 pm on May 31, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Perhaps if you consider yourself to be your new affiliate product, you could sell your consulting skills.

Reminds me of the commercial of the manager agonizingly reaching a conclusion and announcing to the two well dressed people in suits across the desk, "Yes. Do it." causing them to, with shocked alarm, announce something like, "Do it!? No no, we consultant, we don't do."

So it appears that a consultant is what you want to be. Tell them what they should do, if they are incompetent, for example, not strong copywriters, refer them to someone you have identified as a strong copywriter. Of course, if you spread it around, those copywriters may refer people to you too and your business is off and running.

On the internet there seems to be no end of people declaring themselves experts. If you have a track record or evidence of results, you should be able to position yourself above them.

As your time is finite, my guess is the big bucks would come as you gradually cause competitive bidding for your services. The other way may be to simply do two things at once. What you are doing now and also what I have suggested. But with the latter, make your target market those with sufficient bucks to pay big dollars per hour, day, week. Then simply turn people away unless they are willing to pay your enormous fee.

A friend of mine became a recognized expert in a field by beginning by organizing conferences. After he did a few, he began adding himself as moderator on some discussions. Gradually the audiences began to assume that because he was on the same table as the experts, he must be one too. Funny world. It worked.

You actually have track record. So, don't know why you wouldn't be able to sell your track record.

Of course, I haven't done the above. Although I did become a fairly significant, in terms of market share, participant in a small chosen niche. That niche was underpopulated at the time. I attended a few conferences to meet a few people who required services or could refer business, did a good job with what came in the door, and reputation spread via word of mouth. Interestingly, the ball started rolling when I posted a couple of articles on the subject on the internet way back about 1997. Although I have since left the field, they are still up and occasionally still cause the phone to ring.

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