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adding mobile content to existing site

3:54 am on Sep 22, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I've gone back as far as July in this forum and I still have a bunch of questions..

If I have a site... www.mydomain.com, how can I add a limited amount of mobile content?

Right now, if I go into google on my mobile phone and search, the site shows up decently in the search and google will show it. The pages render fairly well on an lg9900 envy even though they were done in frontpage.

The one drawback is that google adsense doesn't show because it is javascript, which a lot of phones don't support. Google just added mobile ads for adsense which use php instead of javascript which should work.

What I'd like to do is create some alternate content for mobile devices. My thought is to add a 'click here for mobile content' link in the headers of the regular site. That would take the user to pages optimized for mobile devices.

I realize those mobile pages would have to follow mobile standards such as WAP or xhtml.

Some questions that come up are

1. Would that work at all? (ie adding mobile content to an existing domain instead of a seperate .mobi.

2. If it would work would it be better to do a subdomain such as mob.mydomain.com or a folder such as www.mydomain.com/mobile?

3. I'm assuming that I would filter out my regular sitemap to eliminate the mobile content and then create a mobile sitemap for google. Hopefully, if that is done right, I won't shoot myself in the foot with duplicate content (Actually, I'm going to use a site that hasn't really gotten a lot of traffic as a test instead of one of my better producers)

Thanks, I'd appreciate any thoughts that would get me started here.


4:09 pm on Sept 22, 2007 (gmt 0)

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My thought is to add a 'click here for mobile content' link

Most sites that serve mobile content on their main website detect mobile users from their user-agent header. I doubt that mobile users are going to be very happy with a "click here for mobile content" link.

Prior to .mobi, a convention had developed for putting mobile content on a host (please don't call it a subdomain, unless it has stuff under it!) called "mobile". e.g. mobile.example.com

Google just added mobile ads for adsense which use php instead of javascript which should work.

This came up in a previous post, and it seemed to make little sense. Javascript runs in the browser. PHP runs on the server. Does not compute.

OK, I found the answer. Apparently, Adsense for Mobile requires some server-side scripting on your site. They offer example code written in PHP, Perl, JSP, and ASP. Presumably, you can write your own for any other server-side scripting language. Not sure just why they require a script on your site, though. This cuts-out simple non-scripted sites.