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Bing App Indexing SEO

11:14 am on May 22, 2015 (gmt 0)

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Bing has published a guide to its app indexing, and this is great if you really want to get the best out of your apps.
This is SEO for your apps to make indexing and presentation better.

Bing is leveraging two open standards and we want you to get ready to use them early on:

App Links and its simple markup to allow users to open your content with your apps straight from our web results and experience it in the immersive device experience instead of in the browser, and
Schema.org and its action vocabulary to help users discover your app by the actions that your app can perform on the content they are searching for
Bing App Indexing SEO [blogs.bing.com]
10:54 am on May 23, 2015 (gmt 0)

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What good is any SEO tool from Microsoft if they're actively and openly hostile towards the people who would willingly use them? I want competition, not just Google but there are some major issues with Microsoft...

- I participated with bug reporting back in the development of IE8 and had people from Microsoft IP addresses openly mock my website, at 11pm on a Sunday night.
- I've caught Microsoft participating in guerilla marketing, pretending to be regular consumers while bringing home Microsoft signed paychecks.
- Their goals for this year is $20 billion in revenue, how does that help consumers?
- They are NOT for open standards, Internet Explorer 12 still does not support the HTML5 audio and video elements (closed source codecs only is not support and their arguments are utterly specious.

If Bing is supposed to have 10% market share then how come I have 0.002% referrals from Bing, Live and MSN combined? It takes years to recover from bad publicity but I bought three "Hitachi" Deskstar hard drives a while ago and they're doing just fine (SMART status and all). If Microsoft wants to remain even relevant they need to make real major changes to their whole culture, not CEO facelifts.

7:58 am on May 25, 2015 (gmt 0)

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is this we chance? I don't think so, because, ranking on bing is troublesome, too!
2:10 am on May 26, 2015 (gmt 0)

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This is useless if all the SEs don't adopt it.

If MS can't get the others to index APPs using the same mechanisms then it's a waste of time.

On the flip side, perhaps if Bing can get some serious new differentiating factors that you can only get on Bing, perhaps those kinds of capabilities will get more people searching with Bing. Perhaps the thinking is because of the high volume of people searching for apps daily that they can take a big bite out of app searches using this technology.

Problem is people using Android or iOS predominantly search using the Google or Apple store, therefore they'll never see these results in Bing in the first place. If they knew Bing did app search perhaps people would use it but most of the web doesn't have a clue beyond email, FB and twitter they're mostly web illiterate.

By the time Bing makes is a success, Google will add it the next week and wipe out all their efforts.

So that leads me full circle back to why bother.

Microsoft IP addresses openly mock my website

While your comment is off topic and has nothing at all to do with indexing apps, I'll address it just because I think it brings up an easy misconception.

People that use MS IPs aren't all employees. You're most likely getting the same trolls you get using IPs from AOL, Google, Comcast, etc. However, that doesn't mean someone working on MSIE8 didn't hate your site.

The way you should address issues in a browser is to always reduce the problem to minimum example code which eliminates people critiquing pages. It's just better form all around and it shows how simple the problem is without exposing the site as a whole.

That's exactly why we have rules the way we do on WebmasterWorld for HTML and CSS, welcome to the reason why.