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Who can I talk to about an issue?

No Satisfaction from Customer Service

4:09 pm on Aug 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I am having an issue with AdCenter dissaproving my ads. This started about a month ago.

We have been running ads in Adcenter ever sicen they were doing it and we were the first in our segment to run ads, in fact I would say we had a good 6 month lead time with regards to running ads in adcenter.

We have not really had problems until a month ago. It was maybe 1 or 2 weeks after they announced bing to the world. Essentially our ads were flagged for some reason and the editorial team disapproved every ad on our account. The reason that they disapproved the ads was due to innapropriate content.

Obvioulsy I know this was not the case so I called adcenter and spoke to several people about the issue and they escalated the issue to the editorial team.

Two weeks passed and they finaly overturned the decision and turned our ads back on. It was a very frustrating issue that was finnaly resolved.

However, 1 week after this, we received another email from a customer service rep stating that many of our ads will be turned off for a particular segment we are targeting because AdCenter thinks it is unethical to run ads for that.

I am OK with that except for one thing, they are only doing this to us. Our competitors are still permitted to run ads, they are always active, and to be blunt and completely honest, they are the advertisers that are shady by running fake review web sites, lying on their ads etc...

What can I do if there is a clear bias in the editorial department that shuts us down, but to this day permits our competitors to continue. This seems completley out of whack to me.

I also want to make it a point to say that I am not jealous, or have any envy toward our competitor. I am also not some kind of spammer trying to game the system. I just want to run ads in adcenter and it 100% apparent that our ads are being singled out in comparison to our cometitors. If I did not know any better i would say someone on the editorial team is friends with one of our competitors.

Can anyone help me out with a number or an email address to someone who can help me? Please note, I have already been through several phone calls.

5:37 pm on Aug 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Hi 300m,

There are a few things that you can check on your side prior to contacting support.

The following links will assist with reviewing your site, keywords, ad copy, and landing page to determine what may be happening and why you are being rejected.

Microsoft adCenter Editorial Guidelines:

About ad and keyword editorial review:

Editorial guidelines: style:

Editorial guidelines: trademarks:

Editorial guidelines: URL and landing page:

Additionally, if you have reviewed the related documentation above and still cannot determine why you are being rejected, I would really encourage further contact with support. Here is the contact information below:

United States:
Telephone: (800) 518-5689 6:00am-18:00pm PST
Easy Assist Remote Desktop Assistance: (866) 783-1045
Email: [support.adcenter.msn.com...]

United Kingdom:
Telephone: 0800 633 5915 08:00 18:00 (UK)
Email: [support.adcenter.msn.com...]

Canada Support:
Telephone: (800) 985-4671 6:00am-18:00pm PST
Email: [support.adcenter.msn.com...]

Singapore Support:
Telephone: (800) 518-5689 9:00 am 11:00 am SST
Email: [support.adcenter.msn.com...]

Thank you,

Brian H - MSFT

7:47 pm on Aug 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Thank you Brian. After io posted this I did call again and they told me that it was some kind of change within the organization and they are shutting down ads on a particular segment of keywords.

While I think that is fine (because we have organic rankings for the segment) it is really unfair to shut us down and when adcenter gets around to it they will shut down our competitors.

Why would you even consider doing it like that? All you are doing is making the advertiser that gets shut down first feel like they are doing something wrong.

I would think that if you feel a segment of keywords is not acceptable for serving ads, you should just shut down that segment at one time, not one at a time.

What I can not understand for the life of me is if you are trying to eventually compete with Google, why in the world would you restrict legitimate advertisers from participating in the auction.

I am not a smut peddler, nor am I a malware provider. I am a software vendor that has been around for a decade.


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