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Understanding the Content Network

8:59 pm on May 7, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Can someone point me how to speak to or email someone within Adcenter to get a deep understanding of the content network... more than the typical customer service rep knows about it? I have never gotten anyone to explain how ads are selected and served on the content network other than the very basic understanding the phone support people have...

Here's today's problem, but this occurs regularly with different keywords in different campaigns.

In one of my ad groups I have bid on the word "widget" and the ad group has been active for several months. The content network is always "on" for this adgroup and in checking stats, the keyword "widget" had gotten like 10k impressions across the content network for the past month or two.

Then, about 9a.m today, I start noticing a lot more traffic and conversions coming from my content keyword "widget". This lasts about 4 hours and I make an ROI of over 1000% during those 4 hours on that keyword. Then it stops instantly. In checking my adcenter stats, during those 4 hours my content keyword "widget" received 100k impressions, nearly 10x's the cumulative amount over the past month and a half.

So obviously, I want to keep this keyword being served at this high rate, or at least close to it. So, I go in and raise my bid for this keyword from 50 cents to $5, just to see if I can keep it alive. It doesn't work. No traffic from the keyword at all since the "burst".

Now the customer service reps keep saying the content network is CPC x CTR or a formula like that (quality score maybe too)but that can't possibly explain the failure of my keyword to get impressions when I raised the bid by a factor of 10. Even if someone else's ad was performing better, I should at least be getting a good portion of the impressions with this new bid.

I can't imagine that there was just some new page on MSN that was only live for four hours that accounted for all of this. Seems they served my ad in another context than it would ordinarily appear in.

How does this traffic suddenly appear, and then suddenly disappear? And is there anything I can do to keep it once it hits? Obviously I would do about anything to have this keyword get the higher level of impressions it did during this period, but it looks like there is nothing I can do... which is frustrating.

So... where do you go for help and get "real" in-depth answers from someone who knows what they are actually talking about?

4:47 pm on May 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I can't imagine that there was just some new page on MSN that was only live for four hours that accounted for all of this.

I think I can imagine this scenario. Two ways this may happen to my mind might be:

1) a large hotamil mailing with your advert on.

2) an advert appearing on a news page on MSNBC that had a short term lifespan (The story gets updated, causing the advert to come off).


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