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Again about Rejected Keywords

Landing page content not relevant!?!

9:12 am on Sep 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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adCenterEU – Welcome to WW!

Could you please look over this thread

I sure hope you can help me (us) solve this very annoying system glitch.

I’ve lost count of the emails with rejected keywords that adCenter sent to me.

I estimate - I got so far about +300 emails referring to +500 orders and +2500 rejected keywords

And they keep coming - dozens each day.

I’ve called several times the support center, tickets open, etc. No result whatsoever!

I had to fill in the appeal form with a first batch of 400 rejected keywords. It took me a week to do this because in the email – the automated system is incapable of telling you which are the exact rejected keywords. You have to go and visit each ad of the corresponding order and click page after page and select each kw, then copy / paste it in the appeal form.

No answer to my appeal form yet!

Anyway this rejected keywords / appeal form is like a full time job!?!

This is so frustrating, so annoying and so unbelievable considering that this started right at the UK launch and it seams that nothing was done in order to fix this - in the last 5 weeks.

To sum this up – ALL those keywords follow the same pattern:

the landing page is EXCLUSIVELLY referring to "uk widgets":

- keywords approved: uk widget, uk widgets – broad, exact, phrase
- keywords rejected: ukwidget, ukwidgets, widgetuk, widgetsuk > Landing page content not relevant!?!?!

Obviously – the landing page content IS relevant for ad / keyword in ALL +2,500 cases

The main question is when will MSN solve this?

When will adCenter behave like all the other PPC programs – including Adwords and YSM.

Those programs accept ALL the above keywords while adCenter is expecting to actually see ukwidget, ukwidgets, widgetuk, widgetsuk on the landing page.

This will never happen! On the other hand people will ALWAYS search for multiple terms written in one word.


9:48 pm on Sept 20, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Lorymer - I agree 100%

If this is true:

"You have to go and visit each ad of the corresponding order and click page after page and select each kw, then copy / paste it in the appeal form."

and I have no reason to doubt you. I certainly won't be in a rush to fill in the appeal form.

Using MSN adcenter is certainly a very frustrating experience.

5:47 pm on Sept 21, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi Guys,

We've hit three threads with the below response:

adCenter411 and I have taken the editorial issues raised here on the forum to the adCenter team to get some guidance for you on the issues some of you are experiencing. The team is constantly working to improve the editorial process because we know that it can be a pain point for customers - while also ensuring we offer a high quality user experience, and do not display any irrelevant or inappropriate content.

Our guidance to you is to contact the adCenter support team. They will be able to help you on an individual level, which is not always possible here on the forum. Because the rejection reason varies from customer to customer, and is unique to the individuals' keywords, ads, landing pages, etc., I encourage you to contact Support where they can help you with your specific issue.

That said, we'd like to reiterate that we're making sure the adCenter team is getting your feedback on this topic, and we're working to improve this process. We are piloting a solution to help alleviate some of the issues you are seeing and shorten your workload to get KWs/ads live in the event they get rejected.

So watch this space!

Keep your feedback and questions coming - we're here to help you.