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What's an MV:Button?

Who can identify this creature?

5:11 pm on Jul 9, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I have a website (not maintained by me - it's a licensed platform) that's sending this code to the browser:

<MV:BUTTON image="icon_pen2.gif" upToolTip="Submit Answers" type="button" textColor="#ff0000" buttonColor="#EFEFEF" buttonColorHover="#D6D3CE" buttonHeight="22" buttonWidth="150" imageonly="false" onButtonClick="MyQuiz.submit()"> Submit Answers</MV:BUTTON>

I don't know what a MV:BUTTON is, but I suspect it's server-side code that's was supposed to be translated into HTML before being sent to the browser?

The strange thing is, most instances of IE seem to be handling it just fine.

What gives?

7:23 pm on July 9, 2009 (gmt 0)


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The code looks like the standard server side code to create a input button, but is missing the runat="Server" attribute.

Look at the top of the page for a "Register Tagprefix="MV"".

<%@ Register Tagprefix="MV" Namespace="MyCompany:MyNameSpace" Assembly="MyAssembly" %>

If you find one, I think you have found a bug in the website coding. If you don't then it might be something else.

It is possible that the web page which is appearing on has some client side JavaScript that converts it into a standard input button which IE is then able to make use of. But I think its more likely IE is treating the page in its nonstandard complaint mode and trying to make what it can of it. And that is why it might be working in some cases and not others.

9:35 pm on July 9, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Thanks for your input. A little more digging on my part leads me to think it's XLS/stylesheet stuff, which I know zero about.

This is at the top of the page

<html xmlns:MV="PREFIX">

And there's a stylesheet with this:

BEHAVIOR: url(system/lib/htc/vbtn.htc)

Drilling down further unearths this:

function doClick()

down = !down;
stickyState = down && sticky ? 2 : 1;
// If this is a check button and part of a group, call CheckbuttonGroup()
if (group != null) checkButtonGroup();

if (href != null) doHref();

//fire onButtonClick event to containing page
var myEvent = createEventObject();
myEvent.stickyState = stickyState;

Still not clear why just one browser out of many would be hiccupping.....(sorry for the formatting the code tags seem to be acting a little wonkey)