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Explanations for drop in insights graph

11:45 am on Mar 5, 2015 (gmt 0)

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I'm very worried about what I'm seeing on my local pages graphs.

Here are a couple of branches for example:


I've opened a tab in incognito mode and search for my general keyword + town and we are in position B in the 7 pack, I've searched general KW+shop+town and we are in position A in the 3 pack and I've searched for a more closely aligned keyword + town and we are in position A in a 2 pack (if there is such a thing!)

Here's another one:


For the general keyword + town, we are in position D in the 7 pack. For the genral KW + shop 6 town, we are in position B in a 5 pack, and for keyword + 'in' + town we are in position C in another 7 pack.

For most of our branches, the insights graph has dropped off like that suddenly, when almost everything I do to trigger map pack results for all of our branches, we are in there or thereabouts so I can't understand why we are suddenly registering 0 views?

Has anyone else experienced this, or can offer an explanation?

8:43 pm on Mar 5, 2015 (gmt 0)

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Hi Derek,

Insights stats and before that Places stats have always had occasional problems.

Quite often I answer pleas for help because local stats flatlined. Normally a whole rash of people follow with the same complaint of stats dropping off all on the same day. So then it becomes obvious it's Insights and not something wrong with your listing.

Typically if Insights flat lines, its back up in 2 days to 2 weeks.

So as long as you are ranking I would not worry too much.

Linda Buquet
10:01 am on Mar 9, 2015 (gmt 0)

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Thank you for the re-assurance Linda.

Over the weekend it does seem to have normalised back to where it probably should be.

Thank you for your help.
9:12 am on May 18, 2015 (gmt 0)

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Sorry to bump this but I was wondering if this insights drop has happened to anyone else?

We have a multi-location business and after my overall views dropped like a stone for almost every branch in the last few days, I looked into it and it says that I have had 0 search views from the 10th of May even though we definitely still rank in most packs.

(Purple = search views)

Random branch #1 http://i.imgur.com/eAKzm1A.png [imgur.com]
Random branch #2 http://i.imgur.com/JxGyybG.png [imgur.com]
Random branch #3 http://i.imgur.com/NsbiFnR.png [imgur.com]

As you can see in the bottom link it's still counting photo views (although I'm not sure what that actually means in this context - if I'm getting 0 search views how are people going through the photos? Does this prove that this is just a glitch?)

Also, will the data come back if it it's a glitch?!

Thanks for any help you can offer!