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Google Local Place: Account suspended Issue

I am having problem with Google Local listing.

6:08 am on Nov 29, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Hello There,

I tried to add One of my clients listing in Google Local Place. But I am having problem with the same. It shows that "Account suspended. Make sure your listings meet the quality guidelines". I am really fade up with this issue. I tried lots to resolve this issue, but unfortunately I couldn't.. :(

For your convenience I have upload the screen shot of Google Local page. Please check it and give me suggestions [twitpic.com ]

As per my research I conclude that this issue is due to following things:
1. 5 Pending Review and 3 Need to action status (didn't get verification code yet)
2. Login from multiple IP, Location (India & from US also)
3. Address used in listing aren't on website.
4. Frequently edit, update and delete listing (pending listing deleted and add again)
5. Didn't use business email account (webmaster@domain.com).

waiting for your feedback.

Thank You..!
4:56 pm on Nov 29, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Having multiple clients in the same account is a very bad practice for this exact reason. All it takes is a couple mistakes in a couple accounts and your entire account gets suspended, which hurts all your innocent client listings as well.

There are many subtle Google Places rule violations that can get you suspended and you would not even realize you did anything wrong. Most rules are designed to combat spammers and fake listings but sometimes innocent businesses (and marketers) do the same things without even realizing it.

I'm a Top Contributor at the Google Places forum and if you were posting there I would ask for links to listings so I could check them out and could tell you what all the violations were, but I don't think you can post the links or details here.

But I doubt it's any of the things you mentioned in #1 - 5 above. It's usually other things in the listing itself and again it only takes 1 or 2 listings to have violations and the whole account gets suspended.

If you want to post at the Places forum so I can look at the listings, I'm happy to help. The only hope of getting your account re-instated is to find every single violation (as well as breaking of unwritten Places rules) clean them all up and then try to get reinstated.

ALTHOUGH I don't see a re-inclusion link in that screenshot so that could mean the account is toast.

Linda Buquet
7:33 am on Nov 30, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Hello Catalyst, Thank you for your quick response :) I really feel good to know all the things that you describe above.

I have one more doubt, can I update these listing (which are under pending review and need to action) or have to create new account.

I would really like to follow you on Twitter.

Thank You..!
7:06 pm on Nov 30, 2011 (gmt 0)

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In general, if we were just talking a single business in one account I would always recommend trying to fix it and get approved vs starting over.

However since you have multiple listings in your account it may be advisable to create a new SEPARATE listing for each client.

But before you do that we should try to figure out what caused the suspension or else when you set up each listing they will just get suspended again.

I just had a mod PM me saying it's OK to ask you to post links to your Place pages or details so I can help you here intead of at the Place forum.

I don't have time to look at all the listings, but marketers tend to follow certain patterns and repeat the same mistakes for every listing.

If a couple of your listings still show up live, please provide links to the Place pages. If none of them are live, then log in, go to the main dashboard page where the stats are. From that page copy the name from the top and then copy from the right column the categories, description and more details and I'll try to help you figure out what caused the suspension.

PS Google just accidentally removed the link option on Place pages. It's a bug and I asked them to look into it. I think the link button should be fixed soon. But if you don't see it, do a search for the business name or phone in map search, then from that page open the link to the biz in a new window to get the address. Then strip out all the junk to get the link down to this: http:// maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=(and the number that follows)
(Note added space after http:// to display the link format)

7:36 am on Jan 25, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Remove the listings from the account, and start a new account for each business. You could be waiting months.

I applied for a reconsideration once for a client, after innocently falling foul of the unwritten rules when setting up a Places listing under his existing account.

After 2 months I gave up and started a new account for him, for a new Places listing, and had that listing (done correctly) up in 2 weeks.

6 months after that the reconsideration request came through in our favour on his old account. Don't wait. Move on.