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(Print) Yellow Pages bleeding red ink

article in B-to-B magazine


Robert Charlton

6:02 am on Sep 1, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Yellow Pages bleeding red ink [btobonline.com]
August 11, 2008

...research report released in July by researcher Borrell Associates... predicts the print Yellow Pages industry will collectively lose $5 billion in revenue by 2013.

The print medium is not dead yet, but it is on life support, according to advertisers and industry pundits.

...advertisers continue to shift spending to paid search and online directories.


10:40 pm on Sep 3, 2008 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Newspapers have taken a beating and will continue to do so; radio and tv lose some and a growing amt of business to the web; why shouldn't print YP lose and lose a lot. Search is a bigger, better, easier to use YP for the world and for local.

cya print YP,


2:05 pm on Sep 6, 2008 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Indeed, print YP revenues are under a great deal of pressure - and with huge sales forces it's inevitable that profits can erode very quickly. The real problem for print YP is the econimic turndown forcing companies to cut back on YP spend and look at cheaper, turn-on-turn-off advertising - some of those companies will find that the web can deliver all of the business they need/want.

On the positive side for YP companies is the online side of their operations being able to cater to some degree for that switch. The proactive companies already have products in place that aloow more intensive management but the flexibility that small businesses need (but small businesses often don't realise wht they need until a time like this).

As for newspapers, they are in big trouble. The advertising there is nowhere near as targeted as YP ads, that's why they have property, car/auto & jobs pull-outs - to give a reason for advertisers to use them or pay top dollar.

The next year will be very interesting, I'm sure.


2:23 pm on Sep 6, 2008 (gmt 0)

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The print medium is not dead yet, but it is on life support, according to advertisers and industry pundits.

I've been in the print industry since 1990. Heavily involved at various levels. The print medium has been slowly changing over the years. I'd like to think I had a "very small" impact on that during my tenure. I'm all for the paperless office.

Much of the print industry has realigned itself to move forward. And then there are segments of the industry that are being phased out completely, they are dinosaurs. Yellow Pages and Newspapers are at the top of the list.

I won't touch a newspaper anymore. They are one of the filthiest things on earth. Read a paper for 10 minutes and look at your fingers. It's like using the restroom, you have to wash your hands each time afterwards. Nasty things they are! Same with Yellow Pages, I really don't like thumbing through those at all. I still use them because the local directories are mostly junk. I'm working on that one. :)

Many of my long term print clients have long given up their YP and Newspaper advertising. In fact, they have even given up on their online advertising in that area, it just isn't worth the usually high rates for the type of exposure needed. I had a client recently pay a big brand newspaper for online advertising. $1,800 for three days. Newspaper claims 140 click throughs on the campaign. GA reports 11 with 6 of them on site for 0:00. And who is behind the ads? DoubleClick of course. :(

Now, let's talk about YP online. Pfffttt! What a saturated market that is. The big players are holding strong but man, there are all sorts of ripoffs. It's a big Internet, I guess everyone can get a piece of something.

Print in general is slowly dying. Online applications have replaced much of the printed platforms of yesteryear. Budgets for high end brochures have been shifted to print on demand digital applications that are much more cost efficient and eco-friendly. No longer are companies maintaining large inventories of printed stock. I know, I've helped quite a few of them clear their warehouses. There is absolutely no need for anyone to inventory the types of printed materials that they do. For one, its a fire hazard. And two, change happens very fast. Printed inventories become obsolete quickly. I've seen so much waste in the print industry that it pains me greatly! I despise it with a passion, the waste that is. I'm responsible for some of it too.

RIP Yellow Pages in Print
RIP Newspapers in Print
RIP Snail Mail - Advertising Related Only


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