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Developing Private Network sites for Link Building - Please Advice

Planning to develop a private network of Blogs/Article directories sites

4:48 am on Dec 7, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Hi All Here,

I am planning to owe my own Private Network site's network for increasing Link popularity of my websites. I have bought 30 .info extension domains for the same as well also bought two hosting accounts, each has 15 Dedicate IPs. So all the 30 domains will be accessible by a unique C class IP, which is good for SEO benefits.

I am posting this thread here to know how I will get more benefited with these two hosting accounts and 30 domains. Please feel free to share your views here on suggesting / advising best way to utilize these properties in its optimum level for future benefits.

Here is what I have thought of:
First, I will install WP to all the sites and then with WP Article Directory Plug-in make them WP Article Site directory. Where I can promote all site's article under proper category. Of course I can choose WP blog installation also, but the reason behind selecting this WP Article Directory is to get benefited with link popularity for all type of themes. As I have different site's for different theme, if I have blog I can post there related to a fix / pre decided topic only. OR I can go at least to one category up and do related posting for that blogs.

For example : if I have blog related to Finance, i can post content and get links of finance sites only, max i can post content for account / personal loan / business / any other business services related sites and get links for those sites. But if I have article directory, under proper category I can promote any site i.e. Travel, Tourism, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Consumer Electronics etc., etc,. That is why I have chosen WP Article Directory instead with WP Blog Installation to these domains.

Second, I can go with WPMU installation on all the sites. And create theme related blogs to each site. This way if I create 5 blogs to each domain, and regularly post on those blogs, after 6 months I will have 150 ( 5 blogs * 30 Domains = 150 Blogs) Web Blogs as a Web 2.0 Property, which are fast cached by Google, may have PR. But in creating blog I think I all the 150 blogs will be accessible through one IP only. As all 30 sites are hosted on shared hosting shared where I have 30 dedicated IPs. So as far as site is concern all sites assign with Unique IP, but as we all know in shared hosting they have one Shared IP which will be allotted by default to all the sites once you cross your limit of hosting dedicated site.
I have two hosting account, in each account I have 15 dedicated IP, so I can host 15 sites there. From these 15 IPs, 14 are unique IP and one is Shared IP, once I reach my limit of 15, from 16th Domain hosting it will start assigning the Shared IP to it. So whatever blogs I create to these network will be accessible through 1 shared IP only.

Third, I go with installation of other article type directory, i.e. Article Dashboard, Article MS OR Article Friendly.

Can anyone suggest me which is the best option amongst the three given above. As well I am also welcome your suggestions to make this private network effective which give more link popularity. I will give link back to those from all 30 domains whose input I like the most.

Thanks for your input in advance.
8:37 pm on Dec 7, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I can't say anything about any of the formats, but...

If you are going to have 30 sites, I think the thing you are going to need most is GREAT CONTENT, so I think you are probably going to have to spend most of your time finding people who can contribute to your blogs.

i don't know how much page rank will flow from those sites to your main site if those 30 sites don't have lot of naturally acquired links pointing to them, and the best way to get natural links is through great content and letting people know that you have great content.

I hope this helps.
2:12 am on Dec 8, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Here's a few things that jump out at me:

1. .info - sure they're inexpensive, but they got whored out by spammers and scammers a year or two ago, and are now the bad-neighborhood equivalent for domains... did you use domain privacy?
2. Hosts usually assign IPs from a contiguous range of IPs that they've been assigned. I'm no expert on the subject, but it seems like while you indeed have unique IPs, and be from two different C-blocks, the IPs would be very closely numbered, possibly even in order.
3. Footprint - by having so many links coming in from so many .info sites on the same two C-blocks, you're probably creating a discernable link-farm footprint. At best, once your link network is discovered, these links will be devalued. Worst case, the sites you are linking to will be penalized for participating in a link scheme if the link network is connected to your main sites.

4:16 am on Dec 15, 2011 (gmt 0)

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You will need:

Unique c class block for each website

A range of domain registration accounts on different registrars

A mix of CMS systems including Wordpress

Fantastic content as Planet13 said

Put 'em all in a blender, serve cold and enjoy :)
9:21 pm on Dec 17, 2011 (gmt 0)

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sounds to me like what you are tyring to do is a waste of time. Instead of trying to artificially get links by making a bunch of sites with thin content, why dont you focus your time and energy in one or two sites that offers something actually USEFUL and UNIQUE. It's more work, but in the long run it will pay off.