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So I get what has to be really effective.

...but I still can't get anyone to link back

5:03 pm on Nov 14, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Hello everybody!

I did hours and hours of research and I figured that basically the two main factors for high SERPs are:

High quality content
Relevant, authorative backlinks

So far, so good.

Now most of the guys seem to go with the flow (blogs, directories, buy links, communities etc) but some pro guys seem to go a different route, namely spending zillions of hours finding relevant link partners and basically trying to convince them to link.

I did spend hours finding all those quality sites that could be potential link "partners", I emailed trying to sell my site with the best arguments I could think of. This was a process that went on for several months. Some kindly replied back that they aren't interested, most didn't even bother to reply. I didn't get one single link offer or anything that would come close to it.

What am I doing wrong?

I made sure that my site is really high quality so I can positively say that it is NOT the content that makes them retreat. I am 100% sure that this is not the case. Maybe I just had bad luck but I suggest that I was doing something very wrong.

Any pointers appreciated

10:47 pm on Nov 14, 2009 (gmt 0)

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No, I think you're doing the right thing. You've just missed a small thing. Nobody hits the ground running when it comes to link development. Over time you'll just get better at recognizing who to ask and who not to bother with, and how to word our emails. practice practice practice. Your results suck but one of two things will happen. you'll either quit, or if you're like me and to stupid to quit eventually you'll get a bit better, then a bit better.

however, one thing you may want to do is target a bit tigher. It's almost as simple as 'good content, go ask for links' - but better is to look at your content first, then determine who might link to that.

So pick a page on your site that has great content. Not the whole site, just one page. now go looking for sites (do searches) that would be interested in just that page. Find sites that rank on the terms that are on that page and either ask them to link to you (using that page as a reason). Second thing, if they are unlikely to link to you, see who links to the ranking sites' page (i.e. find other pages that rank on that term, and see who links to those pages - and ask those people to link to you. but you have to check the linking at a page level not a site level).

Now you can say "hey startstuff. I was wondering you would link to my site example dot com. I've got {something} that i think visitors to your site will find interesting".

So keep pluggin' away.

11:31 pm on Nov 14, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Find sites that rank on the terms that are on that page and either ask them to link to you...

Great advice, wheel. But I think it's not even necessary for the site to rank for the phrases relevant for the targeted page. In fact, I'd stay away from those. What I WOULD look for is pages that have pages ABOUT what my page is about, and to narrow it down even further, find pages that are links to pages about what my page is about.

8:15 pm on Nov 16, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Also, try the other way around: first, find a page you know you could get a link from, then create a page, and then ask for the link.

Like that:
I have a travel site about [mycity].
I find a site by an University professor about [widgets].
I write a comprehensive page about [widgets in my city].
I ask for a link, and not rarely I get the link (with mycity inthe anchor) and a 'thanks for the tip'.

5:53 am on Nov 21, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Time and patience. I have received hidden gem links back months after requesting. Remember that often the best links you get are on websites that never sell links, and like something you said in your request.

Approach is key. Martinibuster laid this out at Pubcon. You have to find a down-home, very charming way to get that person to care about reading your mail.

The closer the themes are between what they offer and what you offer, the better chance you have. Be flexible. Improve content. Link bait, for lack of a better term. Cater pages to attracting links, even if it means you might shape them differently in 6 months. Never say no, and never 'assume' you can't get a link from any website. Give people a reason to link...

In a lot of ways, you need to point out the inherent value in your content. You need to make it extremely easy and beneficial for them to link to you.

Just the other day, I finally got a link on a pr7 edu website where I had had an ongoing relationship with the professor for close to 8 months.

Cool thing is, we have become friends. Very few, if any other links have been added to that page except mine for the last 2 years.