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1: new post   Google vs. Wordtracker - another one ;)
Which keyword tool should you use, now that Google provide so much data for free?
Aug 9, 2008
2: new post   Finding Good Keywords Without Online Tools
"For all the luddites and technophobes out there who (inexplicably) still want to do keyword research, don't despair! You don't even need a spreadsheet."
May 7, 2008
3: new post   A Practical Keyword Strategy: Sustainable and Defensible Longtail Traffic
Mar 5, 2008
4: new post   David Warmuz: Founder of Trellian on Domaining, SEO and Keywords
"There is more money in this one little room than all of AdTech or SES put together."
July 5, 2007
5: new post   MSN's "Search Funnel" Shows Preceding and Following Searches
MSN AdCenter has put its new Search Funnel keyword tool on display. It's not in production yet -- it's only a "proof of concept". But this idea is a fascinating direction for keyword research.
Nov 3, 2006
6: new post   A Guide to Keyword Analysis
"... keyphrases are like products and all that applies to product management or product marketing applies to keyphrase management and keyphrase marketing..."
July 2, 2006
7: new post   Quick Rankings Guide
You know you should use your keywords in various places on the page. Here's a rule-of-thumb guide to their placement value.
Nov 18, 2002
8: new post   Search Engine Keyword Tools
List of keyword tools provided by search engines.
Aug 28, 2002
9: new post   Meta keywords and page copy
"I just took on a site with big fat keyword metas, and in more than a few cases, they list kw's that are not anywhere on the page... I wonder if the site might be taking a hit on some search engine or other."
Dec 15, 2001
10: new post   Building a Small-Medium Theme Site
"I want to overhaul one of my sites using the theme concept to secure high rankings..."
Nov 30, 2001
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