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Trying to find the right elements

<p> or <li> just don't feel right

6:48 pm on Sep 8, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I'm working on recoding a page [ ] and am trying to figure out the best html elements to use for the following part.
Note that I'm referring to the grouping of information, not this explicit info. You'll see similar information repeated through the whole page.
How To Harvest
Series started: Friday, August 05, 2011
Faith Life Church
Branson, MO
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I started with <ul>, but after a while it didn't seem right. One big reason is that, a lot of times, there will be empty <li>. That's not kosher.
I'm currently using <p> for each line, but it just doesn't seem right, either.
I've even considered using <aside>, but I knocked that idea out pretty quickly.
Can you guys think of anything more appropriate? I assume it's <p>, but it just kind of scratches me every time I see it.
7:51 pm on Sept 8, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Why will there be empty <li>? Are you setting up a template that requires the same number of items every time? Why doesn't this apply to paragraphs? Is this a site whose content will be changing frequently? (Weekly, I assume.)

Did you mean that the page consists of a series of items that each follow the same pattern as your example? Title and then various kinds of information? <hx> (some level of header) followed by <p> is certainly one way to do it. In that case you might group each one into a div, with more space between the divs than within them.

Another option is nested lists. That is, an uber-list of all the titles ("How to Harvest") with each one followed by a subsidiary list giving the information.

! I know ! You could make it a table! Just kidding.

Yes, I realize that was more questions than answers. But you get the same thing everywhere. Where does it hurt? What kind of noise is it making? How often?

:: irrelevantly pondering the juxtaposition of "kosher" and name of Christian church ::
8:07 pm on Sept 8, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Feel free to look at the code.
Note that I'm using <article> for each record.
This information is being pulled from an xml file (rss feed, technically).
Each <article> is an <item> of the feed.
Some fields are empty, because there isn't any data to populate it.
For instance, there is a field for subtitle, but only certain ones have a subtitle.
You'll also notice that some say "Available On-line Only"; another field of the record.
I've considered an over-arching list scheme, but that just seems to be way too much work (nesting and all).
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