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LINKS and posting CODE - our policies

Please read before posting!

3:59 am on Jan 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

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WebmasterWorld Guide to Posting your HTML and CSS

This post is intended as a guide to new members and those who do not generally post in the "code" forums such as HTML and Browsers [webmasterworld.com] or the CSS [webmasterworld.com] forums. Please see the section below Why we don't allow links for the reasons behind our policies.

General guidelines - what to post

1. Post only relevant code

Your goal is to post just enough code to reproduce the issue, but nothing more. So please edit to remove irrelevant details, as well as any specific information that could identify a site.

Please don't post a "code dump" with dozens of lines of irrelevant markup or CSS. Also, please don't simply copy/paste your entire HTML and/or CSS files. Doing this means that you are very unlikely to get a useful answer to your problem as the amount of extra code is overwhelming! Make it easy for other members to help you.

2. Make a test case

You can also post a short "test case" (inline, not as a link!) that others can use. A test case means the relevant HTML and CSS together, with the CSS in the

3. Remove any specifics, email addresses or passwords

Please make the posted code as generic as possible and remove or change specifics that identify your site or anyone else's. Also please remove any passwords (for obvious reasons!), and remove your email addresses, otherwise you are likely to receive a lot of unwanted spam! :)

4. Tell us your doctype!

Please always tell us what DOCTYPE you are using in your HTML document when posting about any HTML or CSS problems. See:

  • What's Your Doctype? [webmasterworld.com]
  • FAQ: Choosing the best doctype for your site [webmasterworld.com]

    5. Use "example.com"

    Please change any URLs to example.com/net/org. These are reserved domain names specifically for this purpose, and remain unlinked by the forum.

    6. Use the Style Codes

    Wherever appropriate, please use the Style Codes [webmasterworld.com] available to help comprehension.

    7. No site reviews please!

    From the WebmasterWorld terms of service [webmasterworld.com]:
    21. We do not allow review my site posts. It is impossible to deduce which posts are honest requests and which are promotional.

    Why we don't allow links

    At WebmasterWorld, we do things a bit differently from other online forums - and we gain from our approach. Firstly, with so many marketers as members here, we cannot allow people to indicate the sites they are involved with in any way or links to tools etc. or calls to view their profile site. This policy of no urls and no site reviews helps keep the WebmasterWorld forums clean, on-topic and highly usable.

    There is a second, equally important, reason why we don't allow links to example pages. Usually, once a problem is fixed, the example page will either disappear completely or will show only the corrected version. That means that the thread was only of value to the one person who posted the initial question. Visitors searching for the solution to a similar problem would find the thread but come against a blank wall, as the original code is absent!

    Because of our policy, we all need to work a bit harder to explain our topics in words and snippets of code (short ones, please!), instead of just pointing to an example page. But that extra effort we take benefits everyone who uses the forums.

    Our policies have been developed to help you get good responses and to keep the level of information on our forums high for everyone. If you're not certain, the forum moderators are there to help you. Just drop us a line and we can suggest how to prepare your post!


    This post is based on Nick_W's original posting guidelines [webmasterworld.com].

    See also:

  • HTML and Browsers forum charter [webmasterworld.com]
  • CSS forum charter [webmasterworld.com]
  • WebmasterWorld Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com]
  • Welcome to WebmasterWorld [webmasterworld.com]
  • 4:00 am on Jan 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

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    WebmasterWorld Senior Member tedster is a WebmasterWorld Top Contributor of All Time 10+ Year Member

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