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WebmasterWorld.com has several places where users may receive email notices. You may receive notices for new posts left in a forum, when someone replies to a thread where you have checked "notify on reply", and when someone sends you local StickyMail. Much of the following is also repeated in the Forum Options help.
  • Email Updates: On the main entry page for any forum, is a link next to Forum Options for Email Updates (as shown above E in figure 5):
    This option allows you to receive an email notice when someone posts a new message in this forum. After selecting the link, you will be asked for your password again and be offered a chance to subscribe to the list for this forum as shown in figure 6:

    You may come back and use the same form again to unsubscribe from the new posting notices.

  • Notification on new replies: At the bottom of a reply form there is the option to receive notification of new replies.

    This will send you a notice of any new replies to your message.

    If you wish to "unsubscribe" from these mini notices, you may edit your message and uncheck this box.

  • StickyMail Autonotice: On the StickyMail options screen there is the option to "Autonotify my profile listed email address on receipt of messages?". If you set to yes, StickyMail will notify you when someone has sent you a private message.