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Aside from actually viewing messages, there are several other options available to users:
  • Moderator: A Webmaster World member that has volunteered to care for this forum. (above green C in figure 5)
  • Charter: Click on the word Charter (above green B in figure 5) to view the charter for this forum. A charter is the official Webmaster World document describing topics that are acceptable within this forum. Some forums do not have charters and some have unique charters for that forum. New users are encouraged to read the charter before posting.
  • Reset Last Read Pointer:(above green D in figure 5) This will reset the last read pointers for this forum to the current date.
  • Email Updates: (above green E in figure 5) Click on this option and a follow up screen (figure 6) will ask for a confirmation. If you subscribe you will be sent notifications of new messages in this forum. You may also use this form to unsubscribe from the email notifications list.

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