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Ffmpeg renders mp4 files that not readable by all devices

Ffmpeg rendering results

3:51 am on Feb 18, 2016 (gmt 0)

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all the videos on my site for many years were in wmv fomat, and it was time to re render them in mp4, to make them readable for mobile devices, too, and to immitate streaming.
Since there are hundreds of videos to be converted I was thinking about an automation process, and was recommended using Ffmpeg for it, which was installed on my server by the tech support technicians.
After running some tests the installed Ffmpeg did the job of comverting wmv's into mp4's, which were readable by several mobile devices I had to my disposal, and with a little loop the Ffmpeg was rendering all the videos in the directories on my server (I combined them in the folders by 10).
Now, running tests on some older computers I am getting the "file is corrupt or not readable" message, which of course is not acceptable, because a lot of people still have older systems and computers.
At the same time I noticed that if I rendered a video on the Adobe Premiere CC 2014 with the H264 preset all the devices including the older computer were reading them.
I am not sure which exactly codecs the H264 preset of the Premiere uses but it works. The older versions of Premiere did have a choice of codecs before the rendering, but on CC 2014 I am not sure where to look for them. But again, whatever codec is used by Premiere the vides work everywhere.
I wanted the Ffmpeg to render in the most readable way, so, I was using the following line in the shell:
nice ffmpeg -i "/directory/Videofile.wmv" -acodec libmp3lame -vcodec libx264 -profile:v baseline -threads 1 "/directory/Videofile.mp4"
As I thought these were the most basic settings for it that should assure the widest readability, but again, the older computers didn't read the resulting mp4's, unlike the mp4's rendered by Premiere.
I did play with "-movflags faststart" to make sure that the playback will start before the file is downloaded, but it did not affect the readability of the resulting videos.
I really would like to avoid rendering all the hundreds of videos 1 by 1 on the Premiere and the uploading them to the server, so, I would really appreciate help on tweeking the Ffmpeg, so, it will produce the transfered into mp4 videos that will be readable by all possible devices remotely, on the server.
Please suggest what could be done for it, or mabe some other solutions that will do the job.
Thank you.