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Mass Google Ad Grant Deactivations

On Oct 8th 2018

11:41 am on Nov 6, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Haven't seen this discussed, but there seems to have been a lot of Ad Grant accounts deactivated last month (8th Oct) - hundreds, possibly of thousands.

A client of mine (a national charity) got deactivated due to single term keywords - which turned out to be brand terms.

First call with Adwords support, the person argued with me that they were low CTR keywords (Ad Grants require a min account wide CTR...i.e. NOT a specific keyword CTR), until I pointed out her error.

Then I was told that there were low QS keywords (there weren't - I updated the account when that policy was implemented).

Client called next and was told they couldn't bid on their own brands terms (primary brand, old brand, project names).

I called again and was told, again, that they couldn't bid on their own brands, but they reluctantly agreed with me.

Still nothing, called back a week later and had precisely the same conversation with a different person.

Judging by the reports on the support forums, hundreds of accounts have been deactivated and this week we're all being told the backlog is up to 15 days to get the account reviewed. Apparently (can't confirm this), Ad Grant team only has 7 staff for 35k accounts and deactivated accounts need to be manually approved by one of them.

It would appear that on the 8th of Oct, a whole bunch of accounts were deactivated at once. Given it doesn't take too long to check an account's compliance (a few filters to check CTA, QS, etc?), the volume of accounts in the queue must be fairly hefty - possibly in the thousands. Potentially millions of dollars of lost ad spend for charities already.

Given the time of year, many charities are gearing up to secure donations (more people donate around Xmas) - this is having a sizable impact on their operations.

Indeed, the scale of the issue is such, that had I been the one dealing with the problem internally at Google, I'd be inclined to mass approve all deactivated accounts just to resolve the backlog, then deal with any subsequent issues that may arise. What's the worst case scenario? A bunch of charities continue to have a low CTR or bid on slightly unrelated keywords for a while longer? Hardly a major problem for Google considering the disruption to charities that they are now causing.

Anyone had any luck getting accounts reactivated lately?
9:03 pm on Jan 14, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Ad Grants have become useless. I use them but also have a regular Ad account. Gotta pay to play even if you are a non-profit.