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New client previosuly banned by adwords

I wish not to set up a new account, i want her old one reinstated

2:20 pm on Nov 11, 2011 (gmt 0)

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In short, new client hired an Adwords certified company to manage her Adwords. They rewrote her site text and exaggerated her services telling her this was how things were done online these days and put together an adwords campaign with exaggerated claims.

She got a warning, tried to sort the problem by changing her site text but got banned - i think because the ads continue to run with exaggerated claims. Though the adwords campaign was attached to her google account, she never once used it, everything was managed by the adwords company.

The Adwords company closed down and re-opened under a new name, leaving her with a business permanently banned from advertising on Adwords whilst they traded on.

Anyone got experience with this sort of predicament? My client was naive, and a victim here, trusting the company with apparent credentials to do the right thing. Without adwords, she get little traffic as she is not ranked well in google places(she is 8klm from the centre of town) and though she ranks well in natural search, she is below 3 adwords advertisers, 8 google places listing and then 3 natural search listings for her main phrase.

Anyone appealed a ban under these sorts of conditions and had a positive outcome?

Client is in australia.
6:19 pm on Nov 16, 2011 (gmt 0)

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no ones ever done this?
3:22 am on Nov 17, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Any person or company saying you need to exaggerate claims knows nothing about Adwords or selling in general. Of course, your client didn't know and just assumed they knew what they were doing. Probably fell for the "we're certified" label which just goes to show you that there's more than just passing Google's test which doesn't mean you can create successful campaigns. Heck, doesn't even mean you know all the rules and follow them as it appears they did.

As for the banning, are you sure it's a ban and not simply ads not approved? There is a difference.

If it's a ban, I guess contact Google and explain the situation. She might get a sympathetic ear and get it back. I think it's worth a shot. After all, they can tell this company was the only one managing the campaign. I've heard of positive outcomes although not me personally.
1:20 pm on Nov 25, 2011 (gmt 0)

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OK, bit of an update. 20 emails, 4 phone calls later.

(1) I get an email pointing out the site is still in default due to a problem with a page, on a website, no longer part of the campaign. No details as to what the problem is, and I can see no evidence of it. I later find out, a human has not read the page and made the decision, its an algorithm. Someone presses a button, the computer says "no" and that it, the page fails.

I email Google and advise them the site is not part of the campaign, that i can't see any possible problem anyway, but that I've not taken the site down, it's not relevant.

(2) I get another email, the account is banned for advertising 10 or so get rich quick schemes. of course this is nonsense, its never happened. I email Google with a WOAH! There's been a big mistake, client has nothing to do with these sites.

I get a form response saying they cant help me, account is still banned.

(3) I ring them, say this cant be true. You cant provide reasons for a ban, then when they are proven false, say too bad account is banned anyway. I am told, the google adwords algorithm is infallible and cant be wrong and that in any case, regardless of these infallible, but incorrect claims, my client's website is still not in compliance so it cant be unbanned.

I ask the consultant to point out where this problem is. He can't. He has not looked at the site. He is just pressing a test button, which runs a test on the content then algorithmically decides if the copy if OK or not. I advise... this is not working, he needs to read it. Hey says he will look at it. He does. Finds nothing. I ask if I can quote him when I take the matter further saying he has read the site, and cant find a problem. He says no, he has not READ the site, he has LOOKED at it, glanced to find a problem and found none. I'm like. OMG dude, you've destroyed this womans' business READ her site, its only 10 pages, find a single problem with it and tell me what it is. Apparently, he cant do this, he is too busy. He can't put me through to anyone else who can help. I can find no one who will actually look at the site and say this is the problem.

Someone will get back to me. The awful problem is, I am in Australia. I call Google ad-words assistance, a get an Indian call center. I doubt the person answering can read English particularly well. I am guessing, but assume there is no real tech support open at this time, they are in the US and working on a different schedule.... so I can never talk to anyone who can actually help me, say "yes, ive looked at the site, here is the problem."

I'm still yet to see any evidence Google has looked at the site. Its an algorithmic ban only. How an algorithm can determine that a site is making false claims i don't know.

So this morning i get another email, sorry, your account remains banned we can;t help you.

No clarification on any of the wrong claims they made.
No, sorry, this is the problem.

Just form letter, no reasons, you are still banned we cant help you.


Totally gutted.