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Google is Stupid - AdWords Continues to Lose Good Customers

5:41 pm on Jun 25, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Well, I got the final notice email today even though I never got a 1st one, but that is besides the point.

I've had my Google account since 2003 and have ran ads for brick and mortar business as well as affiliate sites. All my affiliates sites are original content that actually are helpful to the visitor.

So, the email lists sites that I no longer run ads to and haven't for a long time but they want me to fix the landing pages to those sites even though I don't run ads to them to comply with their landing page quality score.

Are you kidding me? If I'm not running an ad to the page and not landing anybody to it with Adwords, why the hell do I need to comply with the LPQ score?

I actually started putting my ad dollars elsewhere a while back and went from spending over several hundred a day to less than 10 so losing the account is no big deal but the arrogance that they display is just truly astounding.

I know of another person they cancelled the account for a site he spent less than 2 dollars worth of ads for over 3 years ago and actually did not renew the domain several years ago. According to the brains at Google that does not matter, unless he can change that landing page even though the domain is free to anyone to register, he's out. Again, are you kidding me Google.

The arrogance that comes out of the Plex is really leaving a stench among many people.

It's funny, I used to be a loyal Google follower now I root for the day their stock tanks and they completely implode because the brainiacs in the plex are simply put too smart for their own good.
4:40 pm on July 18, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Personally, I use Bing exclusively now, not as a statement against Google and all their manipulation, but I think Bing is better. I hope the rest of the Interest world follows suit. As far as Google is concern, their distain over affiliate sites is purely financial. Their desire to cut the middle man out is because they want to become the middle man (i.e. search for mortgage loans and see what comparative , affiliate site they now runíK talk about hypocriticalíK). And finally, anyone worry about the drop in Google share price this week? â║
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