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Having trouble with new AdWords campaign

Poor keyword relevance

5:09 pm on Oct 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

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This is my first AdWords campaign. Even though I have been reading and absorbing info on it for years, this is the first time I have put any of it into practice.

I am advertising a service company.

My problem is, I have, let's say, two dozen flavors of closely related services. I started my campaign last week, and started off by creating separate campaigns for each flavor of service, 1 ad group per campaign. So each campaign, I created one highly targeted ad, added between 2 and 6 specific keyphrases .. most looked like: kw1 kw2 generickw, with generickw being the general type of service.

I put each on auto-bidding, computers only, search network only.

At the beginning, this worked fine ... ads went up right away, I was getting lots of impressions, good placements, great clickthrough rates, all ads were displaying, and I had high QS's for the ads once they started showing, between 5 and 10, mostly 7/10s.

Everything was fine for a couple of days, until I realized I was organizing things the wrong way ... and I was going to run out of campaigns soon, so what I needed to do was delete my existing campaigns, and move everything into 1 campaign, and just have separate ad groups within the campaign for each product type.

So fine, I did this, and added another 10-20 product types, and now the vast majority of these keywords all have tanked QS's, (1/10, 2/10), are reporting as rarely shown due to low quality score. When I hover over the mag glass, they all have the same profile:

Keyword relevance: Poor
Landing page quality: No problems
Landing page load time: No problems

The keyword relevance poor is really confusing me. All these ads are linking to my home page. I don't have custom landing pages for each ad group yet .. but based on the service I'm offering, it's appropriate anyway for most of these flavors to start on the home page. What's confusing is, all the keywords I'm bidding for are listed on the homepage (organically), yet some keyphrases are listed as not relevant, while others are listed as relevant ...

kw1 kw2 kwg is relevance: no problems


kw3 kw4 kwg is relevance: not relevant

And kw1, kw2, kw3, and kw4 have exactly the same prominence level on the landing page.

So I guess my questions are:

1) Why am I seeing this seeming inconsistency for keyword relevance? Is it an automatic or a human process?

2) The ads are ALSO complaining about not triggering because of being below likely first page bid estimate. But, I have it on automatic, with a max CPC of $2.20 ... the auto-max-CPC is only $0.29 for all ads... shouldn't it raise the bid automatically if it's not high enough to show? Or is my budget too low so that it's conserving the bid price so much that these ads are just not showing?

3) Did my re-organization tank everything?

5:10 pm on Oct 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Also, my ads are reasonably well-written, each ad group has it's own targeted ad, with main keywords in ad title.