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Is this possible? Automated geo-targeting

adswords geotargeting

6:18 am on Nov 8, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Hello everyone. I'm wondering if there's a software package out there that will let me do this. If not, I'm wondering if you guys think the AdWords API would support such features. And if so, is this compliant with Google TOS if it's honest and not deceptive in any way shape or form?

Here's what I'd like to be able to do:

--> Establish a list of geographical locations (let's say, for example, there a 3,455 cities and towns we'd like to target by name in our ads, and of course serve these ads using geo-targeting)
--> Establish a list of products (there are 500 products, all of which are available in all the cities and towns that will be listed).
--> Establish a list of several possible generic headline phrasings.
--> Establish a list of several possible generic caption phrasings.
--> Automatically build a list of keywords based on product name, location, and universal keywords related to our target users.

From this, we would create all the possible combinations of all the variables above.

Example 1:

Order your Widget 23 today
Get a discount on your Widget 23 today in San Francisco.

"Widget 23" is one of the 500 possible products. "San Francisco" is obviously one of the geo-targeted cities. The "Order you ... today" and "Get a discount on your ... today in San Francisco" are one of, say, 10 possible headline and body phrasings in the list.

The keywords automatically generated would be: Widget 23 and San Francisco. They'd be paired with universal keywords like pricing, discount, and buy.

The url the user would be served would also be based on the variables. Example in this case: example.com/shop.php&product=widget23&location=sanfrancisco

(By the way, if no one has done this before and it is possible, I herby declare this my intellectual property, patent pending! :))

Thanks folks!

2:29 am on Nov 9, 2008 (gmt 0)

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You have a limit of 300 targets both account level and api. We spend major bucks with Google and actually they have sent 2 managers to our offices to see how they can get even more but when we asked for an exception to the 300 max targets, they said: no thanks

So if you can figure out a way to create multiple campaigns and break your targeting into groups of 300 you will find the api a nice way to go. Problem comes when you try to track specific areas that you may want to shut down, very time consuming. Good luck in finding some other solution. We actually had a very well known agency tell us they could do it for us: Google section managers who came to our offices said there was NO ONE that had that capability.