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Adwords account suspended



8:30 pm on Oct 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Hi All,

After I got an email from Google saying my Adwords account has been suspended, I did a search on similar cases and found quite a few posts of adwords suspended on this forum. So I decided to post my story too.

I live in the US and have an Adwords account since last 9 months. I am a CPA by profession and also own a small hosting & web development company. Recently, I gave my credit card to one of my clients for using in her adwords account. She is my client for both my businesses. I am her company's CPA & look after her tax and accounting. Also, my web company hosts her website. She had requested me if I could give her my credit card to use for her adwords, her own card being tied up for certain other payments. Ofcourse, the bills of her adwords spending on my card were to be paid by her. Since, I know this person for sometime now and she being my client, I didnt really mind sharing my card for adwords. Later, when she set up an adwords account, she had mentioned to Google by email that she is using my card and had asked if there is any problem. Google replied saying that they would need my credit card copy & my drivers license faxed to them. I sent a scanned copy of the same to my client who later emailed the same to Google. And thus she had her account set up.

Early this week, my impressions and clicks in adwords completely stopped. When I chatted with an Adwords rep, he told me that my account is under review. Yesterday, I received an email from Google saying my account is suspended and I wont be able to run ads on Google. When I did a search on Google, I read some posts in WW about some advertisers losing their account due to having multiple accounts. Although, Google didnt mention any reason for suspending me, I guess they suspended me for the same reason - multiple accounts.

Now, I didnt know that if someone uses my card for their adwords, I would be axed for having multiple acccounts. I have written to Google apologising for the same. I read that one can run multiple accounts through the client center. I am willing to do the same for my client to whom I gave the card. Or I can ask them to remove the card from their adwords. Currently, their account has also stopped receiving impressions.

How can I salvage the situation? I am willing to bend backwards to be in compliance. Can Adwords Advisor give some tips on how I make Google understand this minor goof up. This is a genuine mistake for which I apologise but it was by no means an intentional act to defraud their system. I really respect the TOS of Google and have always tried to be in compliance.

Any suggestions are welcome




9:06 pm on Oct 27, 2006 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Are you sure that having multiple accounts is the reason for the suspension. How do you know your client hasn't done anything against Google TOS at some point in time? Maybe she is banned by Google earlier?


10:05 pm on Oct 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Hi Mayya,

I had a similar problem happen to me, except I didn't find out I was suspended until I called Google months after my traffic stopped coming. I asked the support person directly about the multiple accounts and apologized for having them, as I tried to make AdWords work, but she specifically replied that having multiple accounts is not a reason they would ban me like that (I assume they would give you a warning first). Unfortunately, they would not share with me what exactly caused my account to be suspended. I did nothing that could explain me being suspended, my guess is that wires got crossed somewhere at Google and someone got me banned, maybe through using my wireless (although encrypted, wireless can still be hacked) or just by having been incorrectly associated with another customer.

In my opinion, your client might have done something with her account to get you banned. If her card got flagged as "suspended" at some point in the past, then once they tied your account to hers your card would also be tagged as bad. I know this as I used all my cards trying to get my account to work and all of them got recorded on Google's end as belonging to me, hence tainted. In desperation before I found out I was banned I used a friend's card too thinking they just don't like me and I got him banned too (although, he's someone unlikely to ever use AdWords). The worst part of it is I still don't know why...


10:47 pm on Oct 29, 2006 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Can I get you guys to write some content for my website. I've rarely read so much since I was in college.

"her own card being tied up for certain other payments"

Being her CPA you likely new she was a bad risk.

Don't mix business with... you know.

You didn't answer the Big question.. was your friend suspended too? Was she suspended just before you?


4:18 am on Oct 30, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Hi, thanks for all your replies. No, my client has never used adwords before and was in no way involved with PPC. Her adwords account has been now suspended the same time as mine.

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