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Google Keeps raising Adwords minimum bid

Google Adwords minimum bid

6:35 pm on Sep 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hello everyone,

I am new to WebmasterWorld so this is my first post. I have looked around a little but am still finding my way through the site so if the answer to my question is elsewhere please understand ;)

I started a Google Adwords campaign for 3 web sites recently. One thing that is really annoying me is I keep getting a red box at the top of my campaigns saying I have keywords that are inactive and basically I need to improve their quality through optimization, increase the bid or delete. I raised the bids and then again, I get the same messages for the same terms (minimum bids I started with were 5 cents).

I have looked around for some help with this but I still don't get it. This may seem dumb but I am usually on the graphic design side of web sites so Google Adwords is not my specialty. Do they mean optimize the page to make it more relevant in the terms used on the page (like search engine optimization)? Or...well, I don't know! Help...I feel like a fish out of water. I did notice some people using a subdirectory in their Google Adword links displayed and it made me wonder if page, title and/or link url optimization is what they are referring to. What is this optimization they are talking about?

I thank anyone that can offer a bit of advice, help, or any tips.

Thank You! :)

Vicki (aka retsciv - vicster spelled backwards)

8:16 pm on Sept 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Welcome to Webmasterworld, Vicki!

Be assured - you are not alone in your confusion. Even saavy veterens get baffled by the ever-changing Google algorithm.

Optimization can mean many things. It can refer to your bid, your copy (CTR is one measure - there seem to be many others), your landing page (yes, SEO is a close comparison) or more. Increasing or improving the effectiveness (in Google's eyes) of these could theoretically lower your min CPC. Another way to simplify the strategy is to strive to improve the effective CPM (price per thousand impressions) that your ad nets Google. Refining your targeting (via negative keywords or excluding certain match types) to strip out the ineffective impressions may also help.

Keep in mind - you could do all that and more - and Google could still increase your min bid to $10.00 overnight. Welcome to the fun.

9:31 pm on Sept 3, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Yes, whether hit by high bids or not, we'd all agree that no one fully understands the basis of the pricing.

(AWA *might* know but is wisely keeping quiet!)

Some speculation here suggests that G is using this high pricing to drive away "undesirable" ads, eg misleading copy, bad/useless sites, etc.

But I think most of us here would agree that being mainly automated the pricing process makes mistakes at least some of the time, so a high minimum bid is not anything to get upset about immediately.



1:58 am on Sept 4, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Thank you both for your detailed explanations. I agree with it making mistakes. One of the web sites is for an apartment building that is basically out in the middle of nowhere and I have the city, state and the word apartments in [] so it will be exact and somehow they seem to think it is a prime search phrase...ummm Google you listening? Your algorythms are way out of wack!

Trying to not be grumpy but it seems like they just keep hitting you up for more and more and more with a catchy lead in like "only 5 cents a click" - yes until an hour passes and then you better take out a loan on your house.

I am going to give them another week and if it persists (like I am even questioning that it will stop?) - I am going back to my old ways of getting things indexed as I did pretty well before.

I may just start my own search engine that really cares about people and gives everyone a fair opportunity get their sites seen by the public no matter what their budget is. I know for a fact that the apartment site I mentioned is one that people would want to find for the very specific terms I have listed but they have raised the PPC out the roof making it ridiculous for me to even place a bid.

Google...you have gotten too big for your britches!

Thank you again! =)


3:16 pm on Sept 7, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Yes Vicki welcome to "As the Google World turns..."

They seems to be taking the Microsoft view of the world...and that is we own the world, if you dont like it, move...

Again welcome....

9:02 am on Mar 25, 2008 (gmt 0)

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hello vicki,

the message you are getting is a very common one. if your keyword's quality score (relative accuracy between your keyword, your ad, and your page) is not high enough or your bid is too low you get that.

don't get too worked up over them. if you don't want to raise your bids, just delete those keywords. else, you can also try to change the keywords a little. change their matching format maybe.

it is a good thing, if you just let the inactive keywords be-- just in case your quality score improves and they are activated.



11:04 am on Mar 25, 2008 (gmt 0)

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Hi and Welcome.

Here is a thread by a poster facing similar issue, and it has AWA's response. So be sure to go through it.



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