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Perplexed ? 3rd Party analyzers ?

12:06 am on Jan 12, 2014 (gmt 0)

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Perplexed ? 3rd Party analyzers ?

I am coming up on my first year using Adsense...
Maybe this is the wrong place to place this question...

Basically this is my downtime of the year... so I am looking at my logs a lot (personal and Adsense) and planning on strategies for the year ahead...

In particular today...
I am seeing numerous activities with multiple hits to my personal logs... all with the same time stamp... from the same IP address.

So I am wondering if there is something wrong with my website... or the mobile devise they are using....

And I see some correlation with these hits being from a mobile device(s).

In particular today...
The same IP address... from same mobile device...
for example 15 hits same time stamp.... and same IP address...

"Hidden" in one of the time stamps with the same IP address... a "third party"
company User Agent in the logs that advertises their expertise at analyzing websites for maximum revenue placement.

I would sure like to "drop" some names to the company analyzing my webpages.. but I know I am not permitted to this announcement.

The particular company has U-Toobes.. etc etc... And many of you must have experience to this sort of activity...

Third Party companies telling advertisers how a webpage is analyzed for product placement.

I used their "tool" (demo) to look at my webpage(s) just to see what is going on... It was an insightful analysis... as to what I am trying to present and how advertising should be placed.

Mind you... the "tool" was not designed for my benefit but as a tool for potential advertisers...

But I am quite perplexed... why a company XXXXX would hit my this one BBBB.html webpage with the same time stamp 15 times.... and then "hidden" in one of the "hits" (deep in my logs) the User Agent to their Marketing Company.

Why would they not just come in normally... ?
Why would they try to flood with hits... only to "hide" one User Agent with the same IP Address among the "hits" ?

Another situation has me wondering about "Third Party" ad Placement companies...
I had a user come in with a Proxy address... for a specific webpage... that normally doesn't get much traffic this time of year.
The "Proxy" IP address hit the webpage... and now for the last week... I am getting an increase in hits to that specific "topic" webpage....
Although no ad revenue ?

It is though "somebody" is telling people to go to 'xxxx.html' but don't click anything...

I am new to Adsense... I have read about "click bombing..." but this activity I don't have an intuition or concept that many of you must understand far better than I.

Thanks a bunch group.
1:53 am on Jan 13, 2014 (gmt 0)

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Finding spam (or even outright attack (attempts) in your logs is not uncommon.
Spammer have next to no cost so they don't care as long as even a tiny percentage buys from them they remain profitable and will not go away nor clean up their act.

The why they do it so badly: it's cause it still works even without fixing it (or perhaps even because it's so broken). Stop wondring and just block them if they bother you.