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Just joined, here for Adsense help/tips as im struggling a little

12:08 pm on May 24, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi Everyone,

As the title explains struggling a little and need some advice.

Bit of background: I've been using adsense for around a year now and have made 2/3K but my earnings dropped quite a bit in the last 6 months. I have a website which receives anywhere between 60K up to 200K unique visits a month which comes from organic search results for high(ish) search volume terms. Currently have Adsense turned off while I try to get a better understanding of the system.

Ok so a few things which are playing on my mind, which I believe some to be a problem and some to be things I have done to make things worse.

1. I use the reports to work out what is best, so I see image/rich media ads show the best CPC/CTR so I only show that type of ad - Adsense recommends text/image units. If I turn this on will Adsense optimise the ad to show the best performing, as in if images start to out perform text will image ads show more?

2. I turn off categories which are not performing, how I do this is if the ad impression % is less than the earnings % I might turn it off. For example if a category has 25% impr and earnings have 10% I will turn it off.

3. I'm pretty aggressive with the ad review centre, if it's not related I block it, if it looks spammy I block it and I tend to keep rich media/flash ads because the CPC/CTR is better than anything else.

4. Mobile has cut earnings in half, it's about 25% of the desktop CPC.

Any advice, constructive criticism is very much welcome.

Thank you very much for reading this as well.
12:25 pm on May 24, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hello and welcome to WW.

Google does optimize ads so I wouldn't block text ads. Also, blocking too many advertisers from showing on your pages doesn't help with earnings either in my opinion.

4. Is your site mobile friendly? Mine aren't and indeed revenue from mobile visitors is much lower. Maybe someone with a mobile friendly website can tell us if mobile revenue is anywhere near desktop.

Making your channels targetable may also help (advertisers would then be able to target a certain ad size on your pages).
1:39 pm on May 24, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Thanks Viva, all noted.

Nope not yet, that's a big project and making my site responsive will take some time redesigning/coding etc.

One other thing I noticed was when I started to block none relevant ads my CTR increased and also my CPC.

Soon as I left it for a week and new none relevant ads started to appear CTR lowered and CPC dropped.

I get the feeling much like Adwords quality scores are attached to ad units - more relevant ads equal higher CTR's and that equals better CPC's.

Just a thought from what I have seen.