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AdPlanner / Custom Channels question

Need advice re Custom Channels

11:23 pm on Oct 4, 2012 (gmt 0)

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My Adsense ad/channel setup, created 3 years ago, is weak. In other words, it's not much use to me in learning about what's working and what's not working on my site -- and it's not helping me attract advertisers. All my fault -- I set it up ages ago without much thought or understanding as to how it could be useful.

I'm now working on redefining/reimplementing all my custom channels but have a few questions:

1. Do people use custom channels to convey information to advertisers? I get 6% of my AdSense revenues from targetted placements and would like to increase that. Is custom channels the way to do it?

2. I've read about AdPlanner but can't figure out how to login to the Publisher Center where I can claim my site and convey info to advertisers. When I log into AdPlanner as an advertiser and try to use it to find sites based on various keyphrases, it seems fairly worthless. So, from a web publisher's perspective, is it worthwhile to spend time getting custom channels to show up in AdPlanner?

3. Last but not least, am I wrong or do you need a ton of ad units to make use of custom channels? For example, to keep it simple, let's say that I only run 336x280 ads on my site. If I have custom channels called X, Y and Z that I want to be seen in AdPlanner, then I would need to create 3 distinct 336x280 ad units and assign one channel (X,Y or Z) to each ad unit. So if you go to 200 custom channels, you have to set up 200 ad units, which would be pretty tedious. Ideally, I'd rather have one ad unit and dynamically specify in my HTML code what the custom channel is for the ad unit based on where the site visitor is -- but I gather that can't be done, that ads and channels have to be hardwired together as an ad unit, and you just need a ton of ad units that might be identical except for the channels assigned to them.

Thanks for any help. Basically, I'm looking for any advice related to using custom channels for a fairly big site with a lot of different topics covered.
7:48 pm on Oct 20, 2012 (gmt 0)

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1. When you create a new channel you can chose to make it target-able or not and give it a description for potential targeting advertisers of where it appears on the page and what page(s) it appears on.

2. and 3. Can't help you, I have no experience with it.