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Teaching family the "Adsense Way"

After 7 years, now they want in



5:25 pm on Sep 9, 2011 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

In a few months it will be 8 years since I joined the G Adsense program. Many of you know that I was in the "UPS Club" for a while, collecting over 10K a month. Well, I got tired of it, and invested the money I made in a large farm. Everything I own is paid for, thank you Google.

So now, my family is coming to me, how did you do it? Could you teach us? I'm over the Adsense stuff myself, I have everything I need, but they are still struggling with life and bills, so I am ready to pass it on, I guess. My question, is it too late for these beginners to enter the Adsense world? I feel like the big heyday of it has long been over and if you didn't cash in and invest, you're screwed, but maybe not. Could I get some opinions?

I do have a great idea, I think, for the main topic their site could be about, it's something that they know and I think the world would appreciate their inside info. I made money by turning my knowledge into dollar bills, is it too late in the game to teach others to do the same?


2:33 am on Sep 23, 2011 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Funny, wheel. Tonight was the second class and all 4 "students" showed up, with their homework done! I was pretty impressed with their research work. I went over the next steps with them and made sure all understood the big picture. When going over the next steps they all started volunteering, oh, I can do this part, and I can do that part... until there was nothing left for me to do. So far it's working out better than I expected. Everyone is enthusiastic and ready to do the work.

We did talk about the money aspect and everyone seemed to agree that as long as we were all doing our parts, we'd split evenly, 20% for each person including me for doing the teaching. I guess that's fair, what do you think? 20% of all ad revenue from the site just to meet with them once a week and keep them on track, show them new tricks, etc.

I think they should be able to build at least 60 pages a month, so in 5 months they could apply for Adsense(under one account) with 300 pages and see what happens. I'll be teaching them about site promotion, I've briefly gone over it for now, so hopefully we'll be seeing some good traffic by then. I also told them about other options and they want to try it all, see which makes the most. So far, so good.


6:31 am on Sep 23, 2011 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member

I've calculated if Adsense remained static for me, with no future increases or decreases in earnings from this year, it would take 16 years, before it paid for my farmhouse. I'm doing well, but not making the same kind of MEGA bucks. Fortunately I already have the house and Adsense is a good bonus each year after the tax authorities have taken their share.
I've often wondered what the future may hold - whether advertising will still make a livable income in the future; what competition will exist. I have two very young children (well babies really), and if such things exist in the future, I think if they started young it could a great little nest egg for their future.
I wouldn't teach current family, as I don't think they'd have the patience or skill for it, though of course if they asked I'd try and point them in the right direction.
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