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Multilingual site, sub domain or sub folder?

1:39 pm on Nov 2, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I am building a brand new site, and for the first time, I'll make it available in different languages. So, since I am starting from zero with this , I was wondering what would be the best URL structure, and if there are pros and cons.

Sub folders:

Sub domains:

No sub domain , for the English language, since it's the main language.

None of these two variants are easier or harder, so it's not a matter of being convenient for "me".

This is targeting "languages", not "countries".

The main domain is .com (I don't plan on trying to get this domain with other extensions)

I'll take care of using the right meta tags and header information to specify the language, and alternative URLs.

Everything will be hosted on the same server. If one day, I really need to split the content on different server, I'll use a front end, so sub folders, instead of sub domains are not a problem.

From an indexing/ranking point of view. Is one option better than the other one?
4:43 pm on Nov 3, 2019 (gmt 0)

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There's definitely pros and cons. This is the best summary I've come across and a clearer visual than me just typing out a response.