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International Targeting & Country-specific address on the website

4:40 am on Oct 18, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I have migrated the old .in site to .com to target international customers and changed the target location to the USA in GWC. After migrating the website to .com I have lost the rankings in India and some ranking keywords are totally disappear in the Google SERP. Please let me know why the top ranking keywords are not showing in the total results.

Also, I 'm targeting the customers in the USA but the address found on the website in India as we don't have USA address.

Is it necessary to update the country-specific address on the website to target each country?
6:30 pm on Oct 22, 2019 (gmt 0)

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TLD is one signal that Google uses but it is not an all powerful signal. Switching to .com can weaken your ranking points for India since you were using a .in domain. Trying to rank internationally is not easy and the competition is much higher. You might want to master ranking in one country before attempting to target internationally.

For best results you usually want the relevant tld for that country, local contact information, & content customized for that locality. India, USA, & UK are three countries divided by a common language. Technically they all speak English but there are many nuances that need to be addressed for each audience.
12:22 am on Oct 23, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Welcome to WebmasterWorld premjithbpk

So you understand where I'm coming from I have been running Anglo Indian companies for 40+ years and on The WWW Net since 1993, honestly, 1993.

Insofar as I experience these days, the problem/issue many (non US entities) have with ranking in G.com for the USA is not having a USA real business address and presence and when G introduced its "localisation" and "brand awareness" everything became massively more difficult.

I have a trademarked, exact name domain, the de facto widget product site, yet when localisation was introduced within a few months it lost 75% of its traffic meanwhile G.com would list garbage scraper sites and ALL USA (supposedly).

Fortunately my brand (180+ years) and this specific product (40 years) is more than double Google's age therefore global buyers do not need to search for me! Also bear in mind that most of the companies/people I deal with has been for decades, they are all bulk purchasers therefore need reliable, quality, regular supplies.

This is not solving your question since I have no idea of your product etc (do not post it here), what I am doing is telling you my experience of G and its weighted bias (some may say manipulation) in the USA towards localisation and its brands.

I USED to have .in/co.in sites rank #1 in the US G.com SERPs, all of them are now 301'd to my .com sites.

In all honestly I would prefer to have my top ranking sites be there under their genuine country tlds, I can do it in DDG / Bing / etc, however G is such a fickle a$$ole it's plainly obvious that they haven't a freakin' clue ... except for what they "assume" the US market wants / requires / demands!

You do not have an easy task .. unless you happen tp have multi-millionaire-prepared-to-lose-loadsa-money-backers!