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The easiest way to launch a new site in 2019

8:17 pm on Jun 28, 2019 (gmt 0)

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This assumes you already have a well established website or blog, or social following.

The easiest way to get traction quickly when launching a new site is to publish off topic content on your established website. Not only do you want it to be off topic(which will be on topic for the new site), but it's OK to use a clickbait-ish title, some fancy infographic or other image and to make it something valuable that people will want to tell their friends about and link to it. You can even add some honey and mention/link to a few choice blogs, let them know you did, and watch their competition link to your cute or fun new post along with them. The goal, break all the rules here and get backlinks.

Post 30 or so of these snarky but fun and still helpful posts that ooze clickbait on your site over time, perhaps even store them in an "off-topic" folder so as not to completely annoy your regulars. Hopefully the new site will be about a hobby of yours which will personalize you further with your existing site readers, whatever, have fun with this.

Let a year go by after posting them, keep linking to them from social media once a month, heck advertise behind them to get as many eyeballs on them as you can. Goal, backlinks! Do not internally link from within the content to your existing site, that's the ONLY rule.

Now convert.

Having become good and ripe and, hopefully, backlink rich you can set up the new site, template, design etc and prepare it for launch as you normally would. When that's done head over to a tool like Google's search console and look up the keywords that get the most search impressions. Fix the titles using one or more of the top keywords the page is getting views for. Go into the article itself and tone down any silliness, update it to be even more of a helpful resource but keep it similar as much as possible.

Now 301 the lot of those 30+ articles you wrote as off-topic over time to the new domain all at the same time and launch the site. Then do nothing at all. Let the site sit untouched for another 9-12 months. If you did your topic research and focused on article topics and keywords you knew you could rank well for, ie:informational content for informational keywords, you'll be seeing traffic and results happening all on their own after 6 months or so.

Not only will the site have launched with ready content fleshed out but with ready backlinks as well, a year's worth. There was no scrounging around on new social profiles to get an initial kick. your established site did the heavy lifting for you.

Does this even work?
Right now, without fanfare or warning to the public, some extremely massive publishing companies have done exactly this for instant traffic to new domains which are not labeled as belonging to those companies. It's working for them, it will work for you. Your scale will be much smaller, perhaps 1000 backlinks to 30 pages compared to their 20 million backlinks to half a million pages, but the end result is the same. Your content will likely be higher quality as well, it wasn't written as keyword fodder by a contract writer.

Mods: I have discussed this practice, and provided evidence, that it is being done by, and is working for, wall st listed media publishing companies via sticky mail already. If more is needed for you to avoid thinking I'm "defaming" a company(that I haven't mentioned) or that I'm following some conspiracy from a dubious source, contact me and I'll walk you through it all with examples that will, quite honestly, make your jaw drop.

Yes it works, moving content from site A to site B is perfectly fine with search engines, in fact if you have a site A you should never struggle to build a site B(or C and D and E) ever again. It will keep working too because it stops working for small sites some very big companies would get very upset with Google.
8:39 pm on June 28, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I question whether this would work for smaller sites because one may be missing a very important component of this strategy. As you describe in your last paragraph, one could repeat, for site a, b, c... z. I'm willing to guess that these big players you are describing are not just doing this from one established site but from many at once.

Basically, once you have site b established, you then can build site c with half the effort, and then d with a 1/3 (pointing three sites at the new one) and on.

My guess would be that one small to medium site has limited power, but if one has several of them then one could do this quite easily.

Note, if you are really certain that this strategy works and you have a network of established sites than you could sell it as service.
9:20 pm on June 28, 2019 (gmt 0)

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How does the "The easiest way" do on the long term?
2:43 pm on June 29, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I would assume fine as long as the site continues to add good content that gets back links.
2:16 am on June 30, 2019 (gmt 0)

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The easiest way to launch a new site in 2019

A Falcon 9 Heavy?
3:56 am on July 1, 2019 (gmt 0)

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How does the "The easiest way" do on the long term?

The sites I've monitored, which number about 35 in total, were all launched in 2017 and get more traffic now than ever. That's not long term but in 2 years the MFA looking 3-4 pagaraph pages are making a 7-8 digit mint yearly, each.

Google moved to a "diversity" core for all of us but is allowing major companies to rank with their main site and redirected sites, for the same terms, without batting an eye since 2017. These sites are not branded.

I'm not accusing these wall st companies of wrongdoing here, certainly anyone can redirect anything they like, but I am saying you can't outrank it if it shows up in your niche. Turns out that page content is not the equity of your website, it's backlinks are since you can redirect them wherever you wish.

Also, the content is not identical to the pages that once existed on these mega sites. It is missing a human touch as well, as if it's all written by a machine making it infinitely scalable. It's like a personal ATM it's so effective right now.