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How does Google view and index sites within a script?

2:37 pm on Mar 14, 2019 (gmt 0)

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We are changing the design of our e commerce website and we have encountered the following problem. I will try to explain it as clearly as I can with the web development and programming knowledge that I possess at the moment.


Current design

The category menu can be accessed from all pages from the site (category pages, product pages and CMS pages). On the homepage, the menu + 1st level categories are accessible without any interaction. The 2nd level categories require an interaction from the user to become visible in frontend. However, both 1st and 2nd level categories are present in the source code of the page (when you analyze it with CTRL+U, practically the information that the browser receives). On all other pages (categories, products, CMS etc), both 1st level and 2nd level categories require an interaction in order to become visible (it becomes a drop down menu).

So these links appear on practically all pages on our website, receiving lots of internal links, besides other sources (breadcrumbs, articles etc).

They also show up in GSC report for internal links as the links with that are linked the most. Whenever we add/remove a category from the 2nd level, the GSC report notices the change and adds or removes links to that particular category link.

New design

In the new design, the category menu becomes a dropdown menu on all pages (including homepage). Moreover, the links within the menu (1st level and 2nd level categories) are not available in the source code (CTRL+U) anymore.

They are practically hidden within a script and require the Inspect (CTRL+SHIFT+I) command in order to become visible in the code.


My concerns are:

1.How will Google view this change?
2.Will it affect the number of internal links; since the links will no longer appear without any interaction in the source code?
3.Will it take longer for Google to discover and index any change that I make in the menu (add or remove categories from the 2nd level)?
4.How does Google view and index links inside a script?

Iím afraid that if the links do not appear in the source code and are hidden within a script, then they will no longer appear in the top linked pages in the GSC report. This will be a problem because some of the most important pages that bring traffic to my website are in the 2nd level of categories in the menu.
12:16 am on Mar 15, 2019 (gmt 0)


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i would suggest you view this recent video series by google's martin splitt which explains your situation:
How Google Search indexes JavaScript sites [youtube.com]
When does JavaScript SEO matter? [youtube.com]