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How to do SEO audits in 2017 aka your site can improve

1:34 pm on Oct 23, 2017 (gmt 0)

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The competition level has definitely risen in the SEO world and you might find your site (or your client's site) not performing strong enough. If you are optimizing your site using a checklist from 10 years ago then you are probably going to get results that are 10 years too late. It is time to check your ego at the door and remind yourself that no one knows everything. SEO has evolved to such a complex situation that it is too easy to overlook some fundamentals.

Let's share our tips on how to review a website to make sure it is maximizing its SEO potential.

I'll start with a few tips...

1) Regularly revisit old sites. Just because a site was perfectly optimized a year ago doesn't mean it still meets SEO best practices. For example in just the last year HTTPs and mobile optimization have become more important. Every year there are changes so you should regularly review all of your websites (or at least the sites that are important to you)

2) Crawl your own site. It is easy to complain about googlebot doing a poor job crawling your site but until you try to crawl your own site you won't realize the obstacles you have created for googlebot. This is a good way to make sure your site is easily accessible by googlebot, identify redirect loops that can waste link power, find broken links, and give you a good view of your overall site architecture plus a bunch of other useful stuff.

3) Start but don't stop with checklists. Yes, SEO checklists can be helpful to remind us of important things like title tags, anchor text, robots.txt, and the many, many other factors Google wants. But blindly following the checklist can help you ignore big problems leak weak content that could invite a panda like penalty. Make sure to manually inspect a proper sample of your pages. SEO is becoming more holistic and interconnected. Make sure you look at your pages with a wide lens.

4) Sites that only maintain their status will fall. If your site stays still it will eventually be overtaken by other sites. The internet is constantly evolving and you better keep up with the pace or you get run over. There are many different ways search has changed. One simple example is search keywords. When was the last time you looked at Google's autocomplete to see what new search queries are being promoted to users? You need to constantly add new valuable content to address the needs & wants of users. Make sure to monitor & regularly visit your competition to inspire you towards fresh ideas.

What is your tip to make sure a website is maximizing its SEO potential?
10:19 am on Oct 27, 2017 (gmt 0)

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Good articles on this topic Tips to troubleshoot your technical SEO [searchengineland.com...] and 6 Technical On-site SEO Hacks to Improve Crawlability and Increase Organic Traffic [semrush.com...]
7:57 pm on Oct 28, 2017 (gmt 0)

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I'm trying to cater to everybody by not only providing a brief summary at the start of each topic but then covering it in full. This can increase your chances of featuring in the answer box (yes I hate it, but it's a necessary evil).

I am providing an index at the top for people to skip to whatever section they want.

I am closely following the same format Google has when they cover articles on their search page (which was pretty similar to what I'm doing anyway).

Making sure my titles and meta-descriptions are spot on (I paid somebody to switch my site from Joomla to Wordpress and all meta descriptions were lost, I wasn't aware of this until weeks later)...there's a tip, even if you pay somebody to do something, double and triple check everything, because it cost me 45% of my traffic (I can see huge increases in traffic happening on some articles now). Had I been aware the meta descriptions would be lost, I would have happily manually entered them in myself (which I have since done).

Use tools to help you. Yoast, Grammarly...they help you to polish your content. But don't blindly follow everything they suggest.

Add images wherever possible. One step further, which seems to be helping, add an image with text. So let's say...best breeds of unicorn for fairies...bullet point summary at the top, cover the topic in more detail in the article (with photos), add an image with a bullet point list of the best unicorn breeds. I've noticed even if I don't get the answer box, that image may show with the other site's content. Not that it actually seems to increase click-through rate, but it's getting your site name out there more.

Follow industry expert pages on FB so if anything new develops, you are the first to know and can update content to reflect that.