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Post Panda: Should You Block Crawler Access To Newsletters

3:46 pm on May 9, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Post Panda everyone is analyzing every nugget of their site lately for thin or duplicate content. I was wondering opinions on newsletters as possible thin or duplicate content.

We publish a weekly newsletters, we have for 12 years now. We have just under 600 newsletters posted in our archive online. We don't care about ranking for anything via the newsletters. They are just their as a service to our users.

They are usually about 700 words, of which about 200 words of content, like a lead into a story, are used somewhere else (duplicate content).

Pre-Panda, I never worried about them ranking or affecting the rank of other pages. Post-Panda I'm concerned that the duplicate content might affect our quality rating.

I would usually just block the crawlers access to those pages, but in a typical week at least 200 search specifically for our weekly newsletter.

Should I:

A) block the crawlers access to that directory?


B) leave it as is so users can find it? Knowing that it might affect our site's quality rating.
5:48 pm on May 9, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I do not believe that panda has been established to the point of solid predictability. I've ran a few tests on quoted material with a link to the page that has the material ... only around 50 word though. It is the normal method used by drupal sites to promote content using a quotation and a link.

Results were same site google picked up the article. Cross site similar PR google picked up the article. Cross site with quotation on one site higher PR (over 3 PR higher) and a site with matched PR (less than 2 PR difference). Google jumped back and forth - currently liking the quotation over the full content.

I do not have faith in these results leading into the future.

Added Google's rhetoric is that panda is not running everyday.