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After Google+ ...how much legitimacy has Google lost with publishers?

8:16 pm on Feb 1, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Today I received a notice saying that my 184,000-follower Google Plus account will be closed on April 2, 2019.
I asked myself. "What's the point of doing such an apparently self-hurting move, for Google?"
Recently, I've decided to get rid of AMP on all my websites, simply because it doesn't deserve any further work by me. A lot of work for pennies, it doesn't worth the effort, definitely. Bad user experience, marginal traffic, marginal advertising revenues, a lot of technical work for my team. AMP is a dead horse, at least for me.
Thereafter, I got that message from Google. Four years of posting messages and exclusive photographs on Google plus will be thrown in the trash bin in few seconds.
Again, and again, and again, a big effort and big expenses on Google's demand, for nothing. Mobilegeddon? HTTPS? AMP? Quality content? Site speed? Mobile first? What's the heck with them?
I'm guessing that many in Mountain View are totally missing the target, and they don't have any idea of what the Internet actually is today. They feel they are God and we are all their just miserable slaves. I'm just too old, too tired, and too angry for this.
And, if at Google they have no clue about the future of the web at the point they are losing all mental connection with webmasters, content creators, and digital publishers - their only and most valuable asset, after all - what's the point with sticking with their over-imposing, and ever-changing (supposedly) indisputable rules?
10:42 pm on Feb 5, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Certainly lost a lot with me when they told me that they were closing my Google Plus account. Mainly because I never opened one in the first place!
7:13 pm on Feb 6, 2019 (gmt 0)

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I never asked for G+, I never used it, and good riddance! It's the social network no one asked for. I don't use AMP either. I've really tried to disassociate with nearly everything Google, aside from AdSense and Analytics. I don't even use them for search. DuckDuckGo is my SE of choice and has been for years, Outlook for email, etc. Spread your data around is my mantra.

If you play in Google's sandbox, remember they make the rules and can do what they want.
8:18 pm on Feb 6, 2019 (gmt 0)

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To cheer you up, out of 184K followers, maybe up to 20K were humans :)
11:03 am on Feb 7, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Like Newsguard ... it g green lights something run for the hills! You know anything they suggest is good for the web is only good for them, not you, the webmaster (or even the USER!).
11:50 pm on Feb 12, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Ricarrbi, thank you for speaking up. Google + was a miserable failure and Iím sorry u put so much effort into your acct there. They lost to Facebook which is the 2nd largest crook online charging us for ads that are only visited by bots and fake FB accts.

Google is an out of control monopoly that has only been looked at by 60 Minutes.

Website owners and website operators are at Googles mercy especially if your employer demands his/her website rank on G. Itís an every day migraine headache.. And it has gotten worse now that Google owns page 1 of any search term (which is borderline against the law BTW). If you want to rank on Google you have to have a significant copy/content budget or just buy their ad products.

Agreed w Swanny I try to spread my tech around but itís tough when your daily job is being a webmaster for dozens of sites insisting on Google rankings.

The monopoly must be broken up. Where is the DOJ and FTC? Counting the $ that Google lobbies to them most likely...

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