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Google, Alphabet Q2, 2016, Profit up 24pct to $4.88 billion

10:56 am on Jul 29, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Google's, or I should say, Alphabet's, latest result for its Q2, 2016 show that its year on year profits growth of 24% to $4.88 billion was ahead of analysts expectations. Revenues for the quarter were up 21% to $21.5 billion, year on year.

There's some interesting data in there, so it's worth reading the document, but it's clear that mobile was the strong winner, although the ad click value is lower with cost per click decreased 7%.
7:44 pm on July 29, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Wow! That's an amazing profit amount and growth over the previous year .

In proportion, if they were my figures I'd be smiling.
4:09 pm on July 30, 2016 (gmt 0)

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This is not difficult to understand. Mobile is growing into a majority. Google had (during FCC investigation) somewhere around 95% to 98% of the mobile search market. Anyone who "owns" that much of business is pretty much scary. They own the world's OS in essence. As mobile goes, so will the profits go in a similar trajectory. This won't last though will it? Android being the revenue stream and Android being a somewhat closed garden or becoming moreso a closed garden? I'm just glad I'm not in the affiliate program business. As those get choked out, expect Google to cash in even more as they become the main source for all things advertising.
2:28 pm on Aug 1, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Amazing profits.

Earned via, but not distributed to webmasters, you and me.

Not to mention, billions hidden in offshore accounts (in Ireland and such) tax-free, while US economy is tanking.
9:50 pm on Aug 3, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Yes the affiliate business is suffering thanks to Google's and Apple's stranglehold on the stores which REQUIRE app publishers to use Google's or Apple's payment system which they then take 30% of any orders (I did hear Google is lowering their percentage). Companies who try to work around the payment system risk getting booted from the store.
1:07 pm on Aug 8, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Coincidentally, my site revenue is DOWN 24%. The money has to come from some where, so they just fleece the millions of content providing webmasters. This company is a disgrace. Stashing funds off shore and using this ridiculous name to hide behind. I am a GOOG stockholder and I'm still waiting for these cheapskates to start paying a dividend.