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Google Places

A to G raking in those not?



11:24 pm on Apr 23, 2012 (gmt 0)


Let's say you are listed A to G in Google Places (The Maps).

You are a happy bunny as you get to beat all but 2 or 3 natural SERPS for "Find Geo Service" search terms.

Brilliant for those listed in places / maps A to G

If not listed though even if you have 4th place say you now lose money hand over fist to those listed A to G yes

So how much does that all amount to in losses for lets say one cities Businesses in say the UK?

Let's then say again next would be a County. Then we are talking multiples.

How many millions (across the board) do you estimate Google Places map systems have lost the companies etc not listed A to G thus far?


9:08 am on Apr 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Google places is a disaster. Not only are the listings a problem, but the reviews are badly broken. I saw one case where a woman wrote 25 restaurant reviews in less than 24 hour's. Someday they may clear this up. But for now reviews and the problems you stated are costing businesses lots of money.

And Google expects them to sit back and take it. There's no tech support, although you can post a message on their board, and every SEO(?) in the world can see who you are. And all these people from India call you and want to solve your Google places problems.

It's hard to imagine a big company could screw this up this bad.

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