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EBay, Facebook, Yahoo, Want An End To Viacom YouTube Lawsuit

4:04 pm on May 27, 2010 (gmt 0)

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EBay, Facebook, Yahoo, Want An End To Viacom YouTube Lawsuit [bloomberg.com]
Yahoo! Inc., IAC/InterActiveCorp, EBay Inc. and Facebook Inc. urged a judge to dismiss Viacom Inc.’s copyright-infringement lawsuit against Google Inc.’s YouTube video-sharing website.

The four Internet companies filed friend-of-the-court legal briefs on behalf of YouTube yesterday in Manhattan federal court, where a judge is weighing YouTube’s and Viacom’s legal motions in the 2007 lawsuit.

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Viacom Claim Google Made 'business decision' Over Piracy [webmasterworld.com]
12:52 am on June 1, 2010 (gmt 0)

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so explain to me why it's so horrible.

You are depriving people of revenue. Instead of paying even $40 a year on music you spend none. Do you really need me to explain why this is bad?

I'm the thief and bad guy


How would they know I had the audio stripped when I watched the video?

Who cares if they know, do they need to know for it to be wrong?

If you're saying that everything that makes it onto....

No I am not, I am saying you complain about Youtube but by comparison I am saying you are worse then Youtube.

I am equally for users who upload copyrighted material being able to get sued

And what about those who make copies for themselves, like yourself? They need to be held accountable too. The people who look at kiddie pron are just as bad as the people who upload it.

Also, if I built my own YouTube I would immediately be shutdown for riding the line with copyrighted content because let's face it, YouTube does NOT have to play by the same rules as smaller sites.

This is 100% false.... Do you want me to start listing the 1000s of Youtube like websites that are doing the same thing? Viacom even runs one.

I used to think the same way then I was shown to be wrong. The fact is you absolutley could start your own site, and as long as you respect DMCA takedown notices and have user generated or auto generated content then you can. There are rules to follow, if you follow them you are fine.

Youtube was doing this before Google, Why it is you think Google gets a special set of rules no-one else gets I don't know.

Integrity would have me purchasing overpriced files when I can already get them for free without any consequences.

Yes! If you found a way to steal donuts from a store without consequences would you still think it was ok to not buy them cause you can just steal them, even if they are overpriced?

I can't even call it stealing if YouTube knows the song

Well it is, you can call it whatever you want, but if it looks like a pig and walks like a pig then it must be a pig.
9:44 am on June 1, 2010 (gmt 0)

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I agree what have done for Yahoo, Ebay and Facebook because they are protecting our interests, but albeit is very selfish, so albeit support youtube, I think.
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