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Adsense Reporting and Suggestion for Google

3:46 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Due to the terms of the google adsense program many of us cannot put one 468x60 and one 120x600 banner on the same page from google. Some of us have long pages that can easily hold that much data without being obtrusive to our users. Inface we replaced annoying blinking ads with googles nice format.

My question is do you think it would be possible to change the terms of service to just allow ONE of each size ad on the same page. Even on the off chance the same persons ad shows up in two places, since they only pay per click what difference would it make to them or to google?

Another request for an adsense feature is could you please tell us or show us the difference in number of clicks on each size type of ad for our sites. This will at least let us make a sound judgement on which ad to place on the pages and where. Otherwise a lot of us are shooting in the dark trying to see which ad makes the most money and gets google the most clicks.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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4:56 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I support Marcus Aurelius

It will be appropriate to say "one Google Ad(GA)" on visible screen area at a time.

Please GG help us.

5:12 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Or maybe a code that would pull 6 ads, send 2 to the banner and 4 to the sky..... Hmmm, I am sure I read about that somewhere.....

Why do I feel the need to say "Those who are about to die, Salute you!"?

If you think there won't be enough ads, put a disclaimer on this code saying that this might cause some inventory not to be filled and put PSAs on those empty spaces.

8:11 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Ok. I will chime in on this one.

1.) Allow webmasters to insert say 1-3 keywords or themes about the content of a page. These "AdSense Helpers" could be placed on the page with the rest of the script. Google could then take these helper words and see if it's algo agrees with the publisher. I am sure the engineers could come up with a way to "fine" tune these searches with the helper words. Providing "agreement scores" between what the publisher thinks the page is about and what Google's algo thinks the page is about. I would also impose a strict TOS for this. For sites that consistently do not have a good "agreement" score there would be warnings or ramifications by Google. So the algo would have to agree "in some form" with the helper words before they were used to refine the search.

Example Code: (Global, Category, Specific - or whatever 1, 2, 3)


google_ad_Global_helper=Digital Cameras

Another option would be to create a specific AdSense meta tag:

<meta http-equiv="AdSenseTargeting" name="AdSense" content="Germany, Munich, Hotels">
<meta http-equiv="AdSenseTargeting" name="AdSense" content="Digital Cameras, Kodak, DC240">

"AdSense Helpers" 2003 nealw (contact me for licensing) :-)

1.) Allow for reporting by domain name for companies managing multiple domains. This has a major impact for "medium vs. small" publishers who have employees that can be paid on the performance of a site (content producers, writers, site managers etc.). Very important.
2.) How about showing us the effective CPM. One less thing to do. Time is money.
3.) I know Google has legitimate reasons for limiting access to some types of reports. That being said more reporting features the better. Anyone who actually makes money / a living from there web business lives or dies by stats. I will leave it to others to recommend there reporting needs.
4.) Direct Deposit: I will lump this request in here.

1.) I know many sites that could easily include two ads on the page (468x60 and a 120x600) and not have it be intrusive. Many content sites have information published that easily scrolls for a couple of pages. I would think it would be in Googles, the advertisers and publishers interest to have targeted ads where the eyeballs are. I know there would be room for abuse here so I could even recommend implementing some restrictions or qualifications before a publisher could do this. Qualifications might include: Minimum number of impressions (usually quality attracts quantity), Minimum CTR, must be in AdSense program for xxx time frame with no TOS violations etc.
2.) Report by ad type.

1.) Fraudulent Clicks: I have no doubt fraud occurs and Google should have the right to kick anyone out. However, it's pretty scary from a small publishers point of view to receive a "You've Got Fraudulent Clicks Mail". When 'europeforvisitors' got the email I thought, "I sure hope they don't kick him out because he has got a great site". There should be a formal process for publishers to petion getting kicked out, once they are out. Or, to work with Google if Google believes fraud has occurred.
2.) IP Alert: Should Googles algo discover something resembling fraud from an IP address, set up "fraud alert" area in the account system. Display the IP address from the offending party and allow publishers to take action: like banning the IP or a Class address. Help us help you and the advertisers.

These next two (3 & 4) are from europeforvisitors which I like as well:
"In addition to detecting and punishing fraud, Google might want to make it harder to commit fraud in the first place. For example:

3) Google could limit AdSense participation to sites that have been in Google's main index for a certain period (say, three months or even six months). This would make it harder to create disposable "click farm" sites, and it would make AdSense fraud less appealing to get-rich-quick types who haven't the patience to wait months for a payoff.

4) Google could require that publishers supply a tax identification number (e.g., a Social Security number) and the number of a major credit card at the time of enrollment. This would at least slow down small-time scam artists who try to open multiple accounts so they'll have an account to fall back on if their main account is cancelled."

1.) When Google only has 1 or 2 ads to display (skyscraper) it would be nice of the "Ad Box" would fit the size of say the 2 ads. Thus removing the "blank space" where the other 2 ads are not showing.
2.) Allow publishers to choose how many ads to show in the skyscraper. I would venture a guess that some sites, due to design, would like to simply display only 2 or 3 ads.
3.) Allow ads to be displayed on search result pages....? For what's it worth GoobleBot already index's most of my internal searches anyway. Many of my internal searches are already hard coded into content so users can simply click the link and find additional information more quickly.

1.) Make it optional.
2.) Even if it's optional, pay webmasters a revenue share for clicks generated from the referred "related links" click. Right is Right. Why should we as webmasters offer our hard work/visitors to Google for free? No way!
3.) Get rid of the blank ad boxes. Show nothing at all not even the place holder (good), PSA's (ok), allow a webmaster to insert some default code (best).

1.) Give AdSense publishers a bump in PR! Hey come on now ... let's do some business here. I think all AdSense publishers should have minimum PR of 7.
2.) How about some Health and Dental plans?
3.) How about some nice give-a-ways based on performance? Earn $5,000 in a month and get a Google: Hat, T-Shirt or whatever. I have really had my eye on the Google Lava Lamp and the Bean Bag Chair! Even better turn it into a game. On the first of the month publishers can login to there account and make a guess at there predicted total revenue for the upcoming month. Whoever predicts closest to the end of the month revenues wins something cool from Google.

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8:45 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Neal and EuropeFV...

I generally shy away from "me too's" but in this case, I so strongly appreciate and agree with both your ideas AND the way you've expressed them that I have to, indeed, offer a heartfelt "Me, too!"

I also do like the tone this topic has started off with, which is a dramatic improvement over the more adversarial and petulant tone that distressingly permeated other threads recently.

Google may be a business, but I see it as a partner, not an adversary, and I am confident (both in my mind and my heart) that working WITH Google in this way will lead to benefits enjoyed by all of us. Google's been too good to me and my visitors over time, and I intend to give them ample 'benefit of the doubt' when things seem screwy.


In terms of other AdSense ideas...

1) How about css-based design controls, so that AdSense boxes over entire sections of a site could be more easily modified?

2) Hourly graphs'd be neat. If we find that we're making zero dollars between 2am-7am regularly, then we could choose to fill up that space with 'house ads'.

3) Breakdown of stats by domain.

I will note that these three suggestions fall under the "nice to have but not really essential." In contrast, the suggestions given above by Neal and EuropeForVisitors are, IMHO, much higher on the importance scale... at least for me! :)

8:48 pm on Aug 8, 2003 (gmt 0)

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My #1 request for Adsense is to allow it on "search results"

Here is copy from another thread that I posted on:

Due to how Google-Mediapartners works, it does not function well on SERP because a specific search may only be done once, ever. On the other hand, some searches are done repeatedly. My solution to allow my site to work with google's existing Adsense was to only enable the ads on searches that have been done at least 5 times that day.

The larger SERP option that google has (5+ or 20+ mill pageviews), assumes that all SERP == Web searching. My site (see my profile) clearly does not search websites, but chat sites. This is why regular Adsense ads would be a perfect match -- user searches for chat on "item N" or "topic N" and now there are ads for that item or topic! A win win situation in my mind, but I can't convince the adsense people of it. :(

8:19 am on Aug 9, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Adsensee should go multi-lingual. To make AdSense a real Global Blockbuster, let us put adsense on our non-english pages.
10:47 am on Aug 9, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Adsensee should go multi-lingual. To make AdSense a real Global Blockbuster, let us put adsense on our non-english pages.

Yes, but banners on pages in non-English should be also in in non-English! (for example on German pages, there should be banners in German)

I think that Google is doing something in this direction! Look at [connect.de...] - a most popular in Germany (and thus in Europe) paper publication about mobile communications - a website of this publication. There you can see "Anzeigen" (Ads) in German that lead to [pagead2.googlesyndication.com...]
what indicates that Google is offering such thing somehow to pages in German!

Maybe Google is planning to launch such thing to all AdSense users, maybe not. I don't know. But technically they are ready for it as above example shows!

2:18 pm on Aug 9, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I am not sure I like the title of this thread being directed to GoogleGuy as I think it should just be Suggestions and if GG does make note of the thread then great.

Ayway I would suggest that skycrapers get four ads or so when available. Banners though get only two.

We run banner ads and I would very much like to run two banner ads in different parts of content (i.e. top and bottom) .

We have done this before for direct ad customers and they benefitted as readers could read what they wanted and then were tempted by the ad at the end of the page.

We have good content so many may not want to leave until the content on the page(s) is read but with the ad at the top and bottom it offers them more choice.

The idea of a skyscrapr and banner does not appeal to me personally as that would mean 8 ads on one page rather than 4.

5:18 pm on Aug 9, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Adsensee should go multi-lingual.

Probably, Google is already planning on that but the problem is how many languages they would plan to add. Maybe Germany, French, Japanese, but probably not Chinese.

So, even that would happen soon, maybe the language you are interested in would not be included this program.

I think the most important issue is that Google should have enough specific language-related advertisers first before they expand to other language-related publishers. Though I already saw a few non-English ads, it looks they would still be the minor part of the whole ads pool right now.

8:42 pm on Aug 9, 2003 (gmt 0)

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You have raised so many different issues in your post. I think that you should start separate threads on them.

They are all valid issues, but should be addressed individually.


8:33 am on Aug 10, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Though I already saw a few non-English ads, it looks they would still be the minor part of the whole ads pool right now.

I ensure you that Google has big pool of non-english advertisers too. Just try to set a language of your browser to German and you will see many ads in German then...

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