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What have you learned from your channels?

It has been a week

10:24 am on Mar 26, 2004 (gmt 0)

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So it has been a week (of collected data) and while it is not enough data yet to make any changes yet, it has provided some interesting insights.

Since I use a very dynamic web applications server, I just made one channel each of my 5 sites and dropped it in the ad serving software. I didn't change anything from a look and feel aspect and overall the aggregate hits have been right on target for this month.

The channel data is WAY off from what I thought

- The biggest site (cars), with over 61% impressions had 43% of the clicks had only 33% of the revenue. Also has the lowest CTR
- The second biggest site (community) with 30% of the impressions had 20% of the clicks and 23% of the revenue. Also lowest CTR.
- The third biggest site (travel) has just 8% of the traffic, with 27% of the clicks and 35% of the revenue. Yup, it earned more than the other two big sites and has a CTR 4 times the other two sites.

Now, to be fair that last site has a leader board and the first two have normal ad banners (468x60) but the CTR is just way out of line.

It is way too soon to tell whether this is the industry, the banner size or the quality of ads, but has made me think about which sites are more "valuable" than others.

What have you learned?


8:04 pm on Mar 30, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Macro> I hear you, that's why I qualified what I was saying with terms like 'broadly speaking', 'generally', 'likely as not' and 'give or take'.

But you only need to look at a normal distribution to see that given the right sort of dataset and a large enough sample the 80/20 rule is a common statistical outcome.

1:44 am on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Wow! I was slow to implement Channels on my site. I'm just now getting the first two day's data.

I almost wish I didn't have it. Probably 90% of my AdSense income is coming from a very minute number of pages. That's scary.

All the work and effort I put into all of the different topics on my site and just two topics I thought were "sleepers" are the income generators. The sucess I have had comes from pages that up until today were just pages I thought I was using to bulk up the content of my site. This is very concerning.

2:21 pm on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Broadway, I'd suggest collect several more days worth of data before drawing any conclusions.
6:26 pm on Apr 1, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Iím running adsense on three sites. They are each tailored to a category of one industry Iím involved in. The click through rate on all three sites is roughly the same.

Iíve assumed all along that the bulk of my revenue was coming from sites 1 and 2 with minimal amounts coming from site 3. I based this on the assumption that the ads showing on site 3 were just not worth as much as the ones showing on sites 1 and 2. Thereís no way that the ROI of site 3 could justify a high CPC.

Boy, was I wrong.

It turns out that the revenue per click on site 3 is more than three times what is is on site 1 and nearly ten times site 2.

My thinking is that advertisers showing up on site 3 just donít know what theyíre doing and are throwing money away. I know that the people who run the businesses in this category are less sophisticated that the folks in the other two, so it makes sense to me.

This is based on only a week's worth of data, so I donít know if it will hold up. I'm going to wait for thirty days worth of data before drawing final conclusions.

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